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Dubious Lampoonery - Presidential Blame Game (1977) - Color - 4 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents Doobious Lampoonery, some short video parodies from a 1977 film called American Raspberry. The list of stars in this film is seemingly endless. Check out IMDB for a full listing. The series - Doobious Lampoonery contains adult situations, course language and some brief nudity. As such, it is recommended for adults only. The final clip in this 7 pack is called Presidential Blame Game. George Furth plays the President of the United States, who is having some serious trouble leading his country in a time of crisis. The war room drama features Dick O'Neil as General Andrews, and Basil Hoffman as a Presidential Advisor, Larry Gelman as Reliff Guy - that is how he spells Relief. I learned it was spelled ROLAIDS. That's what they told me on tv anyway. We ask that everyone of all religions or countries - to please relax. The sentiments echoed in these clips do not mirror our own. The clips are presented as social history - to be examined given the context of two and a half decades of time.

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Dubious Lampoonery - Presidential Blame Game
Directed by - Bradley R. Swirnoff

(1977) - Color - 4 min

Fred Dryer as Himself

Craig Richard Nelson as Bud Schuler

The oo_bop guy.

Dubious Lampoonery - Presidential Blame Game Message Board

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Dubious Lampoonery - Presidential Blame Game
Directed by - Bradley R. Swirnoff

Starring - George Furth as the President, Basil Hoffman as his advisor, Dick O'Neil as General Andrews, Herb Voland as Admiral Taft, Art Fleming as Colonel Grant, Laurence Hadden as General Jackson, Larry Gelman as the guys who spells Reliff Gertrude Graner spells it differently

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Kinky Friedman as Ol Ben Lucas

George Furth as the President

Dick O'Neil as General Andrews

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David Speilberg and Pamela Guest as Mr. And Mrs. Dorset. Pamela Guest is Christopher Guest's sister-in-law.

Royce D. Applegate and Laura Fanning for Miracle Whte

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