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Aaron Woodley's The Wager (1998) - Color - 19 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents a terrific short film titled The Wager, directed by Canadian filmmaker Aaron Woodley. You can learn more at Take a seat and prepare yourself for a journey of the mind, or whatever Rod Serling used to say on The Twilight Zone. This 19 minute film will take you on a very bizarre ride. The Wager has won many awards including Best Short Film at the Austin Film Festival and the Santa Monica Film Festival. Best Cinematography in Toronto and New York. I bet you enjoy this short film - I'll wager you. If you enjoyed The Wager, we suspect you will also enjoy Roger Enrico's Owl Creek Bridge.

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Aaron Woodley's The Wager
Directed by - Aaron Woodley

(1998) - Color - 19 min
Most of the story takes place in a crumby apartment on the sorry side of town. One of the residents, and old guy in a tank top and underwear will probably help you redefine weird. Wanna wager? LikeTelevision staff pick, everybody loved this film. Copyright Paulus Productions, 1998. All Rights Reserved.

Peter Blais as Victor and Barclay Hope as Richard. You can see why it won a few awards for cinematography.

Peter Blais as Victor has the key, ready to open the box, with a head in it

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Aaron Woodley's The Wager
Directed by - Aaron Woodley

Starring - Peter Blais as Victor, Barclay Hope as Richard, Valerie Boyle as Mrs. Bingo

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Peter Blais as Victor and Barcley Hope as Richard in Aaron Woodley's The Wager

Wanna wager? - it's the bet of a lifetime

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