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Shock starring Vincent Price (1946) - B&W - 71 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents a terrific 1946 classic called Shock, starring Vincent Price as the disturbed Doctor Richard Cross, who murders his wife when she objects that they get a divorce. All this happens at the Belmont Arms, a swanky hotel in San Francisco. Another hotel guest, Janet Stewart has checked into the same hotel. She's waiting to meet up with her husband, Lt. Paul Stewart, a soldier who was missing in action, presumed dead - but now his poor wife will be meeting up with him. Oh, poor Janet. The plane is delayed, and she is feeling troubled - when she witnesses Dr Richard Cross murdering his wife with the candelstick. (nope - it was not Colonel Mustard or Professor Plum with the candlestick, and it happened at the Belmont Arms).

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Shock starring Vincent Price
Directed by - Albert L. Werkler

(1946) - B&W - 71 min
Janet goes into shock, and who comes to the rescue? Why Dr. Richard Cross, a.k.a. The murderer, who is very skilled in these matters. Dr. Richard takes her to his asylum out in the country to help her get well. Lots of fun!

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc. The film opens with a classic burst of thunderclaps - Get ready for Shock, from 1946 starring a young Vincent Price as Dr. Richard Cross. A young women checks into the Belmont Arms in San Francisco. We learn she was married, but had just accepted after many years that her husband, a soldier missing in action, was in fact dead. And then - she gets a phone call to meet him at the Belmont Arms, but his plane is delayed with no way to contact her. And now... Janet is very troubled. Oh no... she witnesses a murder and goes into a state of shock. Worse, she is in the care of Dr. Richard Cross - who is the murderer.

Anabel Shaw as the wacky Janet Stewart

Dr. Richard Cross (Vincent Price) with his mistress Elaine (Lynn Bari),

Part two
We regret that part two has some serious quality issues, due to a terrible film or transfer problem. But, it will pass.. and you can watch with delight as Janet tries to acclimate to the new surroundings at the doctors private hospital in the country. Heck, lots of people there think the doctors are killing people, so Janet is right at home.

Frank Latimore as Lt. Paul Stewart

Part three
The plot gets more and more twisted. And there seems to be a domino effect, where one murder might lead to another. Elaine Jordan, played by Lynn Bari is just exceptional in being such a nasty snit. She'll gets what's later in the movie and you might feel like cheering. Meanwhile, Paul her husband is starting to get a little suspicious.

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Shock starring Vincent Price
Directed by - Albert L. Werkler

Starring - Vincent Price as Doctor Richard Cross, Anabel Shaw as Janet Stewart, Lynn Bari as Elaine Jordan, Frank Latimore as Lt. Paul Stewart, Reed Hadley as Police Detective O'Neill, Charles Trowbridge as Dr. Franklin Harvey Stephen Dunne as Dr. Stevens, Renee Carson as Mrs. Hatfield, Robert Adler as Frank,

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Vincent Price as the diabolical Dr. Richard Cross

Part four
Now - the more Janet is able to talk sense about what happened at the Belmont Arms, nobody wants to listen because they think she's crazy. That would be quite frustrating. But the police detective Oneill played by Reid Hadley wants an autopsy. Something smells fishy to the old gumshoe.

Starring Vincent Price as Dr. Richard Cross, who does what he can to help Janet - if that's helping her to go crazy.

Part five
Oh my, what will happen? Can Janet escape or will she succumb to a series of lethal insulin injections, delivered by Dr. Richard Cross as therapy, knowing full well... his therapy will kill the girls who knows too much. Not to be confused with the Man Who Knew Too Much.

Extra, Extra, read all about it - Wife of noted doctor killed in mountain fall.

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Starring Reed Hadley as Police Detective O'Neill

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