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Circus of Fear (1966) - Color - 89 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents a nifty murder mystery called Circus of Fear, starring Christopher Lee and Klaus Kinski. Circus of Fear is a wonderful game of follow the money. The money comes from a wildly successful robbery. Most of the crooks were caught, but a few got away with all the money. But someone in the circus stole the money - and the bad guys want it back. If you think you might enjoy a slick British mystery, set in the circus - you will like Circus of Fear.

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Circus of Fear
Directed by - John Llewellyn Moxey

(1966) - Color - 89 min
If you are looking for something more scary with Christopher Lee, check out Horror Hotel or The Satanic Rites of Dracula. Though plugged as a Horror movie, I think it is much more of a mystery movie. The movie never reveals who the circus mole might be (the criminal looking for his loot), and we won't tell you either. You will have to watch it for yourself.

Part one
Intro, Color, credits, etc - we witness a major crime, where the theifs get off with a ton of loot, but also end of in big trouble. Some of the thugs escape, but most get caught in a wild car chase. Mr Big gives the loot to one of the criminals to drop it to a cohort waiting at the circus. When he gets to the circus, he gets shot and killed by Mr. Big who takes the loot and hides it at the circus. But one of the circus performers saw him, and stole the money from him.

Suzy Kendall as Natasha

Margaret Lee as Gina

Part two
The tale gets more complex as we learn about Gregor and Gregor's brother, who killed a man in South Africa, went to jail and escaped. Hmmm - and the ringmaster is the son of the murdered man, looking for Gregor's brother.

Skip Martin as Mr. Big

Part three
And let's not forget the lovely young girls in the circus - Natasha, Gregor's daughter played by Suzy Kendall and Margaret Lee as the Gina, the smoldering starlet of the circus.

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Circus of Fear
Directed by - John Llewellyn Moxey

Starring - Christopher Lee as Gregor, Suzy Kendall as Natasha, Anthony Newlands as Barberini, Margaret Lee as Gina, Leo Genn as Elliot, Klaus Kinski as Manford Hart, Heinz Drache as Carl, Cecil Paker as Sir John, Eddi Arrent as Eddie,

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Christopher Lee as Gregor, the lion tamer

Part four
One of the circus performers is up to no good and is just looking for the money from the big London robbery. But who is it? Watch carefully for all the clues.

Klaus Kinski, looking as creepy as ever, plays Manford Hart, one of the crooks who didn't get paid for the job

Part five
The story gets even more complex - as Gregor might actually be his brother, the convicted murderer who escaped. But maybe, he didn't kill the ringmaster's father in the first place. More murder and intrigue await. Will Scotland Yard get their man - and which man is it?

the ringmaster of the circus

Part six
The best part of this movie is trying to figure out who is the killer in this movie. Is it Gregor, or the knife thrower, or maybe Mr. Big - who knows. Watch Circus of Fear and find out for yourself.

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the inspector wants his man

the circus owner who frets that people getting murdered is not good for business

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Leo Genn as Elliott, the police detective in charge of the circus investigation for Scotland Yard

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