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Boudu Saved From Drowning (1932) - B&W - 81 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel proudly presents an enchanting 1932 Jean Renoir film called Boudu sauve des eaux, or in English - Boudu Saved from Drowning. A poor homeless man named Boudu tries to drown himself in the Seine River, but is saved by the wealthy book store owner, Edouard Lestingois who was watching Boudu from his window. Boudu moves in with the family and has quite an impact on each of their lives. Priape Boudu is played by Michel Simon, who was a major star in France. Basically - he was like the French Charlie Chaplin or Jerry Lewis. Kind of like a national treasure. Also of note, this film caused a major scandal when it was released. Not because of the kissing or extramarital affairs (hey, they're French)... but people took major exception to, of all things - the filthy side of being homeless. Boudu's table manners, especially eating the food with his fingers. Totally taboo! The Police came and shut down theaters. It was a very serious matter at the time. In addition, Boudu doesn't seem particularly grateful to Monsieur Lestingois' generosity. Folks were infuriated by this as well.

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Boudu Saved From Drowning
Directed by - Jean Renoir

(1932) - B&W - 81 min
What makes this film so endearing is the remarkable performance by Michel Simon as Boudu. His hair is crazy looking, his beard is untamed, and he has all the nuances of a homeless man perfected. An amazing genius at work, Michel Simon is wonderful. He is also a character who is unpredictable and fun, and at times, a little naughty. If you want to more Jean Renoir films, check out Rules of the Game or Grand Illusion.

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc. The film opens with black screen and a haunting melody played on the flute. We jump to a bizarre play, where Mr. Lestingois is dressed in vines. Looks some kind of sprite, or maybe a satyr. Meanwhile, Chloe is also in the play, dressed as a fairy or wood nymph. Just a dream, as the camera takes us to the bookstore owned by Edouard Lestingois, who is holding Chloe Anne Marie, the maid in his arms. Soon Mr. Lestingois wants to look out his window with his telescope where he spots Boudu, a tramp walking down the street. When Boudu tries to end it all by jumping in the Seine, Mr Lestingois runs to the rescue, dives in and saves Boudu's life. Boudu is less than grateful about this act of charity.

Michel Simon as Boudu

Boudu with Chloe ride a boat at the wedding celebration

Part two
Having nowhere to go, Mr. Lestingois invites Boudu to stay with him. Trouble is right around the corner, as Boudu sleeps in the stairwell - which ruins Mr. Lestingois' midnight liasons with Chloe the maid. Boudu is also doing silly things, which just drives Mrs. Lestingois crazy with anger. Throw the bum out!

Mr. Lestingois checks out Boudu from his window using a telescope. He thinks Boudu looks like the perfect tramp.

Part three
Hmmm... somehow it seems that Boudu is the ladies man. Who would have thought? Somewhere underneath Boudu's gruff exterior is a charm the women of the house find endearing. But who knows?

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Boudu Saved From Drowning
Directed by - Jean Renoir

Starring - Michel Simon as Priape Boudu, Charles Granval as Edouard Lestingois, Jean Daste as the student Marcelle Hainia as Emma Lestingois, Severine Lerczinska as Chloe Anne Marie, the upstairs maid Max Dalban as Godin, Jean Gehret as Vigour

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Edouard Lestingois with his wife, nope - that's Chloe the maid

Part four
Boudu has made some changes in his life and it seems like he is ready to really join the social fabric of France when he comes into some money unexpectedly.

Lestingois complains to his wife Emma about Boudu, He spat on Balzac. He respects nothing.

Part five
It looks like the games are up - as Boudu is being chased by Mrs. Lestingois, he sneaks through a door, revealing Mr. Lestingois in the arms of Chloe the maid. Ooops. It seems there's only one thing to do - yep A wedding. But who gets married? The ending is a lot of fun, check out this movie. Excellent!

And here's what Mr. Lestingois looks like using his telescope, with his subtitled words as reference. Why, he looks like the perfect tramp too.

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Boudu tries to charm Chloe the maid

Emma starts to feel like a sensual, beautiful women, thanks to Boudu's advances. And it is hard to blame her, as her husband Mr. Lestingois is lusting after Chloe the maid. We watch as the institution of marriage is not treated with much respect by the main characters. Too bad.

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