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Copper, The (1951) - B&W - 50 min

The LikeTelevision™ classic tv channel proudly presents - The Copper, starring Wally Cox and Ernest Borgnine. Originally released on Oct. 28, 1951 as part of the Goodyear Television Playhouse, Wally Cox plays a timid cadet named Timothy Trundal, who wants to marry Gronya Lenahan (Pat Carroll). She's the daughter of police veteran, Sgt. Lenahan, played by Ernest Borgnine - who just can't stand Trundle because he seems to be jinxed. When Trundle is around - everything that might go wrong, probably will. He talks to a psychiatrist, played by David White, best known for his role as Larry Tate, Daren's boss on Bewitched. who tries to convince himself and Trundle, that Trundle is actually normal.

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Copper, The
Directed by - Delbert Mann

(1951) - B&W - 50 min
Wally Cox is best remembered for his role as Mr. Peepers(1952-1955), a mild mannered teacher in a very popular 1950's tv show. The episode where he married the school nurse set record audiences. And yeah, let's not forget all those times when game show contestants said -Peter, I'll go with Wally Cox for the win, (in the upper left corner of Hollywood Squares). Funny Funny guy. His other known role - the Voice of Underdog, the beloved canine superhero with a thing for Sweet Polly Purebred. Ernest Borgnine is pretty much a legend in television and film, but many don't know he won an Oscar(1955) for Best Leading Man for his role in Marty. He has been in countless TV shows and movies, but the most memorable character is probably Lt. Commander Quinton McHale of the PT-73 in McHale's Navy. I loved that show as a kid. Anyway - here they are together - Mr Peepers and McHale - as a wanna be cop cadet and a seasoned veteran on the police force. Lots of good corny jokes and a terrific live performance The show was filmed before a live tv studio audience. I should also mention Pat Carroll who plays Gronya Lenahan, the girl who loves Trundle in spite of his many accidents. This is her first tv appearance - she has been in tons of tv shows over 5 decades (Love Boat, ER, Designing Women, and Mary Tyler Moore Show to name but a few). On top of this, she is a big star in the world of voice for annimation projects. Pat Carroll is the voice of Ursula in a ton of Disney Mickey Mouse movies, The Little Mermaid and Kingdom Hearts - and well, too many to name them all. And The Copper, is her first TV performance.

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc. This live TV performance comes from the Goodyear Television Playhouse TV series in the early fifties. And you betcha, we included the commercials from the original. The story opens with Wally Cox as Timothy Trundle, who wants to become a cop meeting with Mr. Tallman his psychiatrist. The doc should look familiar - it's Larry Tate from Bewitched. But Trundle seems jinxed - and he shows the doc what he means, as all hell breaks loose. Pretty funny - those trick books falling off the shelves, now that is some Hollywood hi-tech circa 1951. We meet Trundle's girlfriend, Gronya Lenahan played by Pat Carroll and her Father Sgt. Lenahan played by Ernest Borgnine. The Sarge can't stand the jinxed little guy. After trying 3 dozen times, Trundle is finally accepted as a new Police cadet, much to the chagrin of Sgt. Lenahan. Now Timothy Trundle can marry his true love Gronya Lenahan.

Wally Cox on the couch with his shrink, David White, best known as Larry Tate from Bewitched

Ernest Borgnine as Sgt. Lenahan with Thomas Heaphy as Captain Phinney

Part two
Trundle goes to training and his teacher is Sgt Lenahan. Trundel has troubles but during a break he's approached by the commissioner for a secret undercover mission. Trundle will pull a fake jewel heist - and go to jail and while there, try and find the loot from a big robbery job pulled off by Dutch Van Dox and Domiano. Only the warden and commissioner will know about it.

Wally Cox and Ernest Borgnine as the policemen with Pat Carroll as Gronya

Part three
Before the commissioner can tell the warden he has a mild heart attack but goes into a coma. So, they think poor Wally Cox is this hardened cop killer with a record a mile long. Some funny scenes with Trundles bunk mates, Dutch and Domiano, complete with William Shakespeare sonnets and comic books. Plus - Trundle finds the loot in his bed.

Copper, The Message Board

LikeTelevision™ Classic TV
Copper, The
Directed by - Delbert Mann

Starring - Wally Cox as officer Timothy Trundle, Ernest Borgnine as Sgt Lenahan, Pat Carroll as Gronya Lenahan, David White as Dr. Tallman, Brandon Peters as the commissioner, Thomas Heaphy as Captain Phinney, Paul Lilly as the Warden, Mike Kellin as Domiano, Salem Ludwig as Dutch Van Dox,

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A scary frame of Ernest Borgnine as Sgt Lenahan

Part four
But poor Trundle, the commissioner is still in a coma and the warden thinks it is time for him to get the electric chair. So off he goes to old sparky and he asks for a cigarette. A kingsize. with slow burning tobacco. Will he get out ok? And will he ever marry Gronya? Of course he will. This is 1950s TV and that's how it works.

Wally Cox as young police cadet Timothy Trundle - who gets sent up the river to go undercover and find the loot.

Wally Cox as Timothy Trundle getting married to Gronya Lenahan, played by Pat Carroll

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