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Satanic Rites of Dracula, The (1974) - Color - 88 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents a scary Halloween classic - The Satanic Rites of Dracula. An updated, more modern account of the Bram Stoker classic tale of Dracula, who played by the great Christopher Lee and his capable opponent, Van Helsing (Peter Cushing) who comes from a prominent family of vampire hunters. Lots of scary vampires, blood sucking creepies - who get smacked finally by Van Helsing and his comrades who use every - how to get a vampire trick in the book, including the thorns of a hawthorn tree, why - because a hawthorn tree was used to crown Jesus with thorns. Also harmful to vampires, water - which represents purity, a cross, light, and perhaps a few more. This film has lots of spooky action and adult situations, so please - adults only - not for kids.

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Satanic Rites of Dracula, The
Directed by - Alan Gibson

(1974) - Color - 88 min
This is the last of the Hammer Films Vampire classics which made a big splash for their over the top blood and guts, gross situations and a weird kind of perverted scenes that are hard to describe. And what's not to like about Christopher Lee as Dracula playing opposite another Horror Movie icon, Peter Cushing. They both have the horror genre down cold and play it well here as you might expect. Michael Coles provides a great performance as Inspector Murray and Joanna Lumley also shines as Van Helsing's daughter, Jessica Van Helsing.

Part one
Intro, Color, credits, etc - a policeman is undercover investigating the strange stories about a research think tank. In fact, there's no big ideas being generated, instead these knuckleheads are worshipping the evil one, yes, the most vile one of all - the devil. Worse - there are all kinds of super important politicians, generals and businessmen at the ceremony. There's also a fifth suspect - but you can't see him in the photograph, because it is Dracula. Part one contains some disturbing scenes and some brief nudity.

An overhead camera angle from one of the bizarre and evil ceremonies

Christopher Lee as Dracula has a hard time in the hawthorn tree - ouch, that has got to hurt

Part two
The police try and follow some leads but they really don't know what they are up against until they meet the wise professor Van Helsing. His family has hunted and destroyed vampires for many many generations of Van Helsings.

Michael Coles as Inspector Murray with one of the early victims

Part three
Van Helsing goes to meet an old friend, Professor Keeley who was seen at the old house where the satanic rituals were going on. Once there, he learns that Keeley has created a super mondo strain of the bubonic plague. A strain much more virulent than all previous plague germs. Dracula plans to use germ warfare - to wipe out all life on the life. And worse - everyone will die a slow and painful, horrible death.

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Satanic Rites of Dracula, The
Directed by - Alan Gibson

Starring - Christopher Lee as Count Dracula, Peter Cushing as Professor Lorrimer Van Helsing, Michael Coles as Inspector Murray, Joanna Lumley as Jessica Van Helsing, William Franklyn as Torrence, Barbara Yu Ling as Chin Yang, Freddie Jones as Professor Julian Keeley, Richard Vernon as Colonel Mathews, Richard Mathews as John Porter,

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Joanna Lumley as Jessica Van Helsing

Part four
Murray goes into check out the place, not really knowing what he will find. Jessica Van Helsing tags along, and then sneaks in a side door. Oops - wrong door. The cellar is filled with vampire girls, all eager to get a little bite of Jessica's neck. She screams - and Marry and friend come running to the rescue. But wait - one of the vampires is Murray's old girl. A tender moment, and then the fangs come out, followed by a wooden stake, delivered with extreme prejudice.

Peter Cushing as Professor Van Helsing, the acclaimed vampire hunter

Part five
Murray and crew stake out the house - but are soon the hunted, as a sniper is shooting at them from somewhere. Meanwhile, Van Helsing decides to go visit the reclusive billionaire, who is actually Dracula at his office. He brings a silver bullet just in case, created from melting down a silver cross. Will he get Dracula? Nope... in fact, he's the one who gets caught. Worse, Dracula plans to use Van Helsing's daughter Jessica in the evil rituals.

Christopher Lee as Count Dracula

Part six
Will Van Helsing suffer at the hands of the evil Dracula, the blood sucking nasty worshipper of the dark one. Or will Dracula get what's coming to him - once and for all. Watch the conclusion and see for yourself.

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