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Death Ships of Dr. Fu Manchu, The (1956) - B&W - 27 min

The LikeTelevision™ classic tv channel proudly presents The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu - our first installment is an episode titled The Death Ships of Dr. Fu Manchu. The evil Doctor Fu Manchu is planning to cause total global chaos by unleashing a strain of deadly plague germs on the unsuspecting major cities of the world. But how will he transport these germs through customs you ask? Why inside some innocent looking melons that are part of the cargo of a ship. The authorities suspect some dangerous cargo, but have great trouble finding the deadly freight since they are hidden in plain sight. Glen Gordon plays the diabolical Dr. Fu Manchu - a non Asian actor who does his level to be Chinese. He delivers his lines in classic fashion, carefully choosing his phrases with very slow delivery as if he were some ancient Chinese Kung Fu master. Do your best to keep from laughing out loud - but you will fail, because it really is just too funny.

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Death Ships of Dr. Fu Manchu, The
Directed by - Franklin Adrean

(1956) - B&W - 27 min
While most folks think that Mike Myers' series of Austin Powers movies is solely based on the James Bond brand, it sure looks like he was very much inspired by this old 1956 TV show. Dr. Evil speaks a lot like Dr. Fu Manchu, who also has an evil mini me sidekick (just like Verne Troyer in Austin Powers). Kolb, played by John George is ready to do whatever Fu Manchu wants. And Fu Manchu also has a terrific female cohort name Karamaneh, played by Laurette Luez. Listen closely and you will see that even Dr. Fu Manchu has a hard time saying her name (it sounds a little different every time - HA). So how do you pronounce her name? Well, it sounds like "car enema" and it really is a pain in the butt to pronounce. For some reason we do not fully understand, everyone here just loved this classic tv gem.

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc. - as always, the Fu Manchu episode begins with sinister voice over telling you what a bum Dr. Fu is as he plays a game of chess. In this episode, The Death Ships of Dr. Fu Manchu, some nasty super strain of germs is stolen from a lab in San Francisco by some of Fu Manchu's henchman who try and export it via a merchant ship. But it seems Fu Manchu's plans are foiled when a storm destroys the ship on a shoal. But wait, the captain made sure he followed orders and took great care of the small terrorist suitcase carrying weapons of mass destruction and delivers it to Carsten, a henchman for the evil doctor.

Dr. Fu Manchu (Glen Gordon) discusses his evil plans with Carsten (Peter Mamakos)

the stolen germs get injected into the melons with a hypodermic needle

Part two
The customs agents led by Dr. Petrie and Sir Dennis do their best to find the deadly cargo - but have no luck. Then, they play a little trick on Kolb, who leads them back to the warehouse with the melons. A big fight scene takes place and Carsten gets melon all over his face, ahhhhhh. Thank goodness for Captain Warren who learns of the nasty germs and tries to dispose of them. He gets tortured by Dr. Fu Manchu and eventually reveals their whereabouts. Will Sir Dennis get there in time to save the world from a the deadly plague? Watch it and find out for yourself.

John George as Kolb, Dr. Fu Manchu's diminutive evil henchman

Death Ships of Dr. Fu Manchu, The Message Board

LikeTelevision™ Classic TV, Movies
Death Ships of Dr. Fu Manchu, The
Directed by - Franklin Adrean

Starring - Glen Gordon as Dr. Fu Manchu, Laurette Luez as Karamaneh, John George as Kolb, his height challenged minion, Lester Matthews as Sir Dennis Nayland Smith, Clark Howat as Dr. Petrie, Carla Balenda as Betty Leonard, Hugh Sanders as Captain Warren,

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Karamaneh (Laurrette Luez) tries to lure Captain Warren (Hugh Sanders) into working for Dr. Fu Manchu

Karamaneh tries to soothe the fevered brow of Dr. Fu Manchu

Lester Matthews as Super Sleuth, Sir Dennis Nayland Smith - who is Sherlock Holmes' nephew. Huh? yes, He's the son of Sherlock's sister ok.

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Clark Howat as Dr. John Petrie

Dr. Fu Manchu (Glen Gordon) shows off his new silk hat

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Karamaneh looks for the missing melons

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