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Bad Taste (1987) - Color - 91 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents a delightful horror classic from 1987 called Bad Taste, produced and directed by Peter Jackson, best known for his work on the JRR Tolkien movies, including the Lord of the Rings series and if fans get their wish, The Hobbit (though that looks bleak now). Well, long before Peter Jackson was a big cheese in film, he made this film with his school buddies over a four year period about a group of secret government agents in charge of keeping the world safe from invading aliens from distant galaxies. The budget for the film was next to nothing though it was a step up from a bunch of his previous efforts shot on 8mm film. Peter finally got a decent camera, a hand wound 16mm Bolex that was used for this movie and a little bit of money from a grant that helped him create more elaborate special effects.Bad Taste is an amazing movie - you can see the genius of Peter Jackson on display even as a young lad. He not only directed and produced this film, he even stars as young Derek, the courageous geek leader of the Alien Protection Squad who has to keep repacking his brains that have partially fallen out of his head.

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Bad Taste
Directed by - Peter Jackson

(1987) - Color - 91 min

Part one
Intro, Color, credits, etc - a covert group of government sponsored alien hunters stumble onto a quiet town in New Zealand where everyone seems to be missing. They fear the worst - a total alien takeover. But first they have to do a little investigation to make sure. Yep, no doubt about it - there's aliens down under all right.

Peter Jackson as Derek, part of the government sponsored alien SWAT team

Pete O'Herne as Barry,

Part two
And guess why the aliens are here? Come on, guess. Ok - they are here to harvest human meat and flesh for an intergalactic fast food chain. Sure - those humans are going to be the biggest hit since the McRib. I am not sure what the trans fat policy in outer space, but i suspect they don't care.

Peter Jackson as Derek, ready to go nuts with a chainsaw,

Part three
Poor Derek seems to have lost his head - or at least part of it. So, he keeps plopping some brain slush back into his head and tries to keep it all kosher by wearing a tight head band. Will Derek die - or is he just too sweet to kill off? Maybe he'll come back at the end to save the day with a massive chainsaw.

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Bad Taste
Directed by - Peter Jackson

Starring - Peter Jackson as Derek and Robert the Alien, Terry Potter as Ozzie and 3rd class alien, Peter O'Herne as Barry and 3rd class alien, Craig Smith as Giles and 3rd class alien, Mike Minnet as Frank and 3rd class alien, Doug Wren as Lord Crumb, Ken Hammon as 3rd Class alien, Peter Vere-Jones as Lord Crumb's voice, Michael Gooch as 3rd Class alien,

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Mike Minett as Frank,

Part four
Ozzy and Frank try to sneak into the secret alien hideout and learn more about what is going on. We learn that the evil Lord Crumb is actually a businessman, the head of the super popular Crumbs Country Delights. As such, I think they plan to deep fry the human meat. Would you like Sweet or unsweet tea with that?

a close-up of one of the aliens,

Part five
The plot thickens and so does the action. Just a ton of shoot em up action. And let's not forget stabbing, and hacking off limbs, and other assorted bloody nonsense. Yes, it is nonsense I suppose, but i suspect you will find yourself impressed with how The Boys pulled off all these special effects with little or no money.

An alien gets ready to prepare a meal, using humans as meat of course

Part six
Derek does his best to get back to the alien hideout and help out Ozzy, Frank and Barry defend the planet from the blood thirsty aliens. You'll love the crazy car he finds - with the Beatles in the front seat no less. Meanwhile - Ozzy and Frank and just doing everything they can to kill as many aliens as possible.

Part seven
Derek comes to the rescue with a massive chainsaw. He makes a terrific entrance through the wall and then through the ceiling as he slices an alien in two as he falls from the ceiling, declaring that he is born again. We strongly suggest you read a Behind the scenes account of the movie from Ken Hammon - to learn some of the best kept secrets of how to make a movie with no money down. Since all of us here are big Peter Jackson fans, we were interested to see the movie. And none of us were disappointed. This is a really fun movie, as Jackson's genius was on display even as a kid, when Mum was sewing all the costumes together. Check out the conclusion of the movie and see if you agree. Cool film.

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Terry Potter as Ozzy,

Doug Wren as Lord Crumb,

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Is that really the Beatles riding around in New Zealand, or just a cut-out of the Fab Four?

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