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Pride of Jesse Hallam, The (1981) - Color - 95 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel presents a terrific made for TV movie titled The Pride of Jesse Hallam, starring Johnny Cash, Brenda Vaccaro, and Eli Wallach. Johnny Cash play Jesse Hallam, a poor single father from Kentucky who just sold his home and property to help pay for an operation for his daughter who has scoliosis. The operation is in Ohio - so off they go. Jesse has trouble getting a job because he cannot read. Eventually he ends up working for Sal Galucci (Eli Wallach), a friendly Italian vegetable vendor who learned to read English many years ago. Sal gets his daughter Marion Gallucci (Brenda Vaccaro) to help tutor Jesse. Well acted and family friendly - plus Johnny gives you a few bars of Muhlenberg County, down by the Green River, where Paradise lay.

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Pride of Jesse Hallam, The
Directed by - Gary Nelson

(1981) - Color - 95 min
If you are a fan of Johnny Cash - you will enjoy this 1981 made for tv movie. Johnny is a good father to his kids, has all kinds of troubles he must overcome including illiteracy, a sick child, and the local cops pulling him over for having an expired license. Brenda Vaccaro is charming and endearing in her role as assistant principal and Jesse's personal tutor.

Part one
Intro, Color, credits, etc - the story opens in Kentucky as Jesse is selling his farm to close relative, who pays Jesse $15,000, which is about what his little girl Jenny's operation will cost. (she has scoliosis). Off to Ohio where the big hospital is. Things are hard when you can't read.

Brenda Vaccaro as Marion Galucci

Eli Wallach as the lovable Sal Galucci

Part two
Jesse goes out looking for a job but he has a lot of trouble as everyone seems to have a written application, which is quite an obstacle if you can't read. Eventually Jesse gets a break at Sal Galucci's warehouse. Later, Jesse meets Sal's daughter, Marion Galucci at the school, and they have a little tiff.

Johnny Cash against the early 1980's skyline

Part three
Johnny does a good job while working at Galucci's - he knows his good grade apples from the wormy kind just by looking at them. But he still needs to learn how to read, and Brenda Vaccaro comes to the rescue.

Pride of Jesse Hallam, The Message Board

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Pride of Jesse Hallam, The
Directed by - Gary Nelson

Starring - Johnny Cash as Jesse Hallam, Brenda Vaccaro as Marion Galucci, Eli Wallach as Sal Galucci, Ben Marley as Ted Hallam, Chrystal Smith as Jenny Hallam, Earl Poole Ball as Uncle Charley, Guy Boyd as the Policeman, Viola Borden as Mrs. Kleeman, Ray Comer as the trucker,

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Johnny Cash stars as Jesse Hallam

Part four
Jesse goes off to the reading class but he doesn't do well as he becomes annoyed at the slow pace of learning, and all the exercises that seem stupid. Lucky for him, Marion Galucci (Brenda Vaccaro) is a terrific tutor and Jesse gets the help he needs to get on with learning to read.

Johnny Cash has some troubles with the local school where his son is in high school

Part five
Jesse tries to avoid the cops and Sal almost has a heart attack. Meanwhile back in the hospital, Jenny is slowly recovering. While Jesse is making improvements in his reading skills, the driver's license test is still too demanding. And he needs to get his license renewed.

Ben Marley as Jesse's son Ted Hallam

Part six
Jesse learns he can take an oral examination for his driver's license. He continues to learn how to read and gets better. So he gets up the courage to take the written test, then panics, and wants the oral test - only to find one needs an appointment for an oral test - you can't just show up. Worse - he gets into a fender bender and the policeman wants his license. The driver's license he doesn't have.

Part seven
Yes - part seven opens up with Jesse in prison. But all is not lost - as Jesse continues to work hard at his reading skills and applies all he has learned in other fields to the joy of learning. The ending is kinda funny too. Hope you enjoy it!

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Johnny Cash and Ben Marley - father and son

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