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Attack of the Giant Leeches, The (1959) - B&W - 62 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel is proud to present The Attack of the Giant Leeches, also known as The Attack of the Bloody Leeches. One of the most ridiculous low budget horror gems in the history of film, the monster(s) is some guy dressed in a super fake suit that looks plain silly. Add a few southern bubba poacher types, a game warden, an annoying sheriff, a wandering wife - and you have the formula for confused plot. Loads of fun.

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Attack of the Giant Leeches, The
Directed by - Bernard Kowalski

(1959) - B&W - 62 min
The director of this film Bernard Kowalski has quite an impressive resume in the business of television. When he was five, he was an extra in some of the Dead End Kids vehicles (which morphed into the Bowry Boys), he produced the pilot to Richard Diamond, P.I. and is also a co-owner of the Mission Impossible series. And oh my, let's not forget Hot Rod Girl with Chuck Connors. In that movie and also The Attack of the Giant Leeches, he worked with Gene Corman, who is Roger Corman's brother. Also of note - the great Leo Gordon is given some writing credit on this film (and also Hot Rod Girl). Okay, War and Peace.. it is not - but Leo Gordon was a very interesting actor and player in Hollywood. Who is he you ask - well, check out the Andy Griffith Show episode High Noon at Mayberry (he's Luke Comstock). He's also plays Jones in McLintock with John Wayne. Check the preview, he's the guy John Wayne belts in the mouth.

Part one
Intro, B&W, credits, etc Deep in the swamp country, an old poacher sees a giant leech and tries shooting at at. When he tells the good old boys back at the country store - they think he's gone a little loco. Meanwhile Big Dave is having trouble controlling his beautiful young wife. It looks like she might have a wandering eye for Cal, which Dave confirms when he finds them together in the swamp. And the giant leeches find them too.

Liz shows off her youthful legs to her husband Dave

Doc, the father of the game warden's girlfriend wants to use dynamite, regardless of what the warden says. Love the checkered hat!

Part two
Dave escaped the giant leeches, but his cheating wife and Cal did not. So - Dave is charged with their murder or disappearance and thrown in jail. Unfortunately, Dave didn't have the sense to stay calm and does himself in by hanging in the cell.

Liz is hanging out with her boyfriend, but she's just about to get caught by her shot gun toting husband Dave

Part three
The warden and his girlfriend spend a lot of time looking through the swamp trying to find one of these big suckers and introduce to the Morton salt girl. But they do not have much luck. The doctor with funny hats, his girlfriend's dad wants to throw some dynamite in the swamp and see what it brings up. The warden has other ideas and will not allow the explosions on his watch because he fears wildlife will get hurt.

Attack of the Giant Leeches, The Message Board

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Attack of the Giant Leeches, The
Directed by - Bernard Kowalski

Starring - Ken Clark as Steve Benton, Bruno VeSoto as Dave Walker, Yvette Vickers as Liz Walker, Michael Emmet as Cal Moulton, Gene Roth as Sheriff Kovis, Tyler McVey as Doc Greyson, Jan Shepard as Nan Greyson, Dan White as Slim Reed, George Cisar as Lem Sawyer,

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the game warden of the swamp doesn't want to use dynamite on the giant leeches

Part four
More people are missing - maybe those leeches have a secret blood sucking lair. The doctor is going to get in trouble for using the dynamite when he was told not to. But he does get results as a few floaters come to the surface. Humans, not the leeches.

the girlfriend tries to convince the warden - come on you stiff, let dad blow those suckers up

Part five
The game warden enlists an old diving buddy and they vow to go under water with a couple of spear guns and take care of business. And we're not going to spoil the fun and tell you what happens. You'll have to watch the terrifying conclusion to the Attack of the Giant Leeches.

Let's spear the blood suckers. Is it just me, but why not dump salt on them?

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the sheriff does his best to uphold the stereotype that all lawmen in the South are idiots. Not true, most are actually very gracious, friendly and intelligent, at least the ones who do not give me tickets for speeding - hahaha

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