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Live at LikeTelevision™ - Terry Garland (2007) - Color - 5 min

The LikeTelevision™ music channel is proud to present Terry Garlnd Live at LikeTelevision™. February 15,2007 was Terry's second time to play in our studios - the first was way back in 1998. Terry plays a mean National style o and a wicked Gibson L-0 (i think that's what is was anyway). For a slide - it looked like he was mostly using a spark plug socket wrench. If you like Delta Blues old school style, one guy pumping out a full band sound - you're going to love Terry Garland. This first song is called Without You and is features on Whistling in the Dark CD. I love the cool section where Terry played some rhythm guitar, sampled it and looped in back in so he could put a little wahine type slide lead over the top. Very cool indeed. I'm so blue... without you.

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Live at LikeTelevision™ - Terry Garland
Directed by - Willy Krause

(2007) - Color - 5 min
Terry Garland is constantly touring the US and Europe so if you enjoyed the net show, by all means check him out live in concert. To get his tour dates or buy his latest CD, Whistling in the Dark, visit To check out Terry playing here in 1998, go here.

Terry belting one out on February 15, 2007

Terry Garland on vocals - with a Shure SM7

Terry Garland with his National Style 0 guitar

Live at LikeTelevision™ - Terry Garland Message Board

LikeTelevision™ Music
Live at LikeTelevision™ - Terry Garland
Directed by - Willy Krause

Starring - Terry Garland on guitar, vocals and foot bass, Mark Henderson as camera one, Jim Nicholson as camera two, skooter on video production, J. Pee Wee G. audio engineer

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Terry uses his foot to tap out a bass drum sound for his shows

Terry plays some slide guitar using a spark plug socket wrench

Terry Garland with his National Style 0 guitar on Stumbling in the Dark

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Watch out - those hands are just a blur

Terry Garland plays live music at our studios

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