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Live at LikeTelevision™ - LTI Allstars (2007) - Color - 4 min

The LikeTelevision™ music channel is proud to present the greatest house band in the history of our dozen years of net broadcasting - yes, ladies and gentlemen - it's the LTi Allstars - Lenny Federal on guitar and vocals, Jason Hawthorn on lead guitar, Frank Random on bass guitar, and Ricky Gentry on drums. This is one of my personal favorites, since we get Frank Random on vocals, an amazing performance and this weirdo named Pacho El Dropper drops in to fix the buffering. Frank Random just nails Shot in the Saddle.

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Live at LikeTelevision™ - LTI Allstars
Directed by - Frank Random

(2007) - Color - 4 min
The band played as the house band for LikeTelevision's musical, comedy variety show for the web we dubbed - Zim Zum. It premiered in summer of 2000 and has viewed over 500,000 times all over the world.

The Lti Allstars were the house band for our first internet musical, comedy variety show - called Zim Zum

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Live at LikeTelevision™ - LTI Allstars
Directed by - Frank Random

Starring - Doug Hawthorn on vocals and bass guitar, Lenny Federal on guitar, Jason Hawthorn on lead guitar, Ricky Gentry on drums Paco el Droppo, network admin for LikeTelevision

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