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Willy Skydiving with no Parachute (2007) - Color - 7 min

For my birthday, I decided to jump out of an airplane at 14,000 feet with no parachute, just to see what skydiving was all about. OK, it was a tandom jump, so my instructor Fred Karr had the parachute for both of us. Terry Hopkins is the genius on video and the master of ceremonies for the sky jump. WOW - what a great experience.

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Willy Skydiving with no Parachute
Directed by - Summer

(2007) - Color - 7 min
The short plane ride to an altitude of about 2 ? miles took about 10 minutes. Of course, me and Fred were the last to jump, so I had enough time to panic, but for some reason the excitement of what was coming was much more important to me than being scared out of my pants. It was quite disconcerting to make the initial jump out the plane. You look down, and say to yourself - this ain't right boy. But no time for worries - out the door we go into a high speed freefall going about 120-130 mph. My face just got peeled back by the speed. It was awesome! Check out Skydive Carolina if you're interested (1-800-SKYDIVE). I had a great time myself, but no guarantees it will go as smoothly for you. (the attorneys made me say it).

The view from here is wonderful

Here's what happens to your face when you are flying at 125mph

i can hear Tatoo from Fantasy Island - look it's a plane, or at least a funny looking bird

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Willy Skydiving with no Parachute
Directed by - Summer

Starring - Willy Krause as the newby jumper, Fred Karr as the Jump Instructor, Terry Hopkins as the cameraman Randy as himself

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Look mom, I am flying!

we're still freefalling - that's not the big parachute above us. It is called a drogue parachute and it is used in most tandem jumps to slow you down just a little bit. So we're not going 130+ mph, just 120 mph.

the world looked very peaceful from up here

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fresh out of the door of the plane, checking out the scenery

Randy shows off his dry underarms, no, I am not nervous at all. or maybe he's trying to do a Sure Deodorant commercial or something.

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in the plane on the way up to 14,000 feet

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