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David Copperfield (1969) - Color - 95 min

The LikeTelevision™ movie channel is proud to present a screen adaptation of the Charles Dicken's novel David Copperfield. This film features a terrific cast including Laurence Olivier, Michael Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, Edith Evans, Wendy Hiller, Pamela Franklin and Richard Attenborough.

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David Copperfield
Directed by - Delbert Mann

(1969) - Color - 95 min
The life of David Copperfield is told in a series of flashbacks and then jumps back to the current times. Sometimes it can be difficult to follow, but the quality of the acting makes it easy to watch. Plus, David Copperfield features one of the best villians of literary history, the scheming flatterer ? Uriah Heep, played to the hilt by Ron Moody.

Part one
Early memories of David Copperfield's youth, including days spent at school to tragedies involving his immediate family. Laurence Olivier and Richard Attenborough are amazing thesbians.

Ron Moody as Uriah Heep

Young David Copperfield with his school buddies

Part two
Things take a turn for the worst as David gets a new father who is a real turkey. He sends David off to work in a sweat shop.

Mr. Dick and Aunt Trotwood

Part three
David continues to reflect on events of his life in long walks down the beach. He is now a successful writer, but a lot of things in his personal life are not going so well.

David Copperfield Message Board

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David Copperfield
Directed by - Delbert Mann

Starring - Robin Phillips as David Copperfield, , Laurence Olivier as Mr. Creakle, Ron Moody as Uriah Heep, Richard Attenborough as Mr. Tungay, Edith Evans as Aunt Trotwood, Michael Redgrave as Dan Peggotty, Ralph Richardson as Mr. Micawber, Sinead Cusack as Emily, Cyril Cusack as Barkis,

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Sir Ralph Richardson as Mr. Micawber

Part four
We meet Dan Peggotty played by Michael Redgrave and his lovely adopted daughter Emily. She is planning to marry Ham, but an old school friend of David's named Steerforth has other ideas.

Corin Redgrave as James Steerforth

Part five
Things don't turn out so well for Emily as she is abandoned and has to find work as a prostitute. But Dan Peggotty is looking for her, and he will never give up until he finds her.

Michael Redgrave and Sinead Cusack

Part six
David loses interest in his wife Dora as she is pretty much of an airhead. Long ago, David thought her looks would be enough, but over time he got bored with her.

Part seven
Of course, back then people didn't usually get divorced. But David isn't stuck with a girl he doesn't love when she dies giving birth to a stillborn child.

Part eight
David's aunt tries to set him up with Agnes Wickfield who was a childhood friend who has loved David all her life. Meanwhile Peggotty finally finds Emily and they take off to Australia for a brand new start.

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David Copperfield gets a new Dad who is a mean jerk

Susan Hampshire as Agnes Wickfield

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David Copperfield looking like the Scarlet Pimpernel

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