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GE Theatre - I'm a Fool (1948) - B&W - 26 min

From a live Television Show - GE Theatre complete with a Ronald Reagan introduction. Based on the Sherwood Anderson story, this live television theatre presentation stars James Dean, Natalie Wood, and Eddie Albert.

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GE Theatre - I'm a Fool
Directed by - Don Medford

(1948) - B&W - 26 min
The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents - I'm A Fool - with James Dean and Natalie Wood - Live on stage in the early days of "television theatre". James Dean plays a poor young man who tells rich beautiful girl that he's rich too. Eventually, he must confront the lie.

Part one
Intro - B/W - GE commercial (classic stuff!) and the intro by Ronald Reagan. Eddie Albert as the narrator is the character (the boy) played by James Dean, twenty some years later.

A very young Natalie Wood

Part two
He arrives at the stables of a racetrack looking for work. Eventually, he trys to act like a rich man and tells Lucy, a beautiful rich girl he's a man of means, just like her father.

Part three
Okay - I'm not telling how it ends. Will he tell Lucy the truth or will he let his true love slip away. Watch the stunning conclusion of "I'm a Fool" - from the early days of Live Television!

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LikeTelevision™ Classic TV
GE Theatre - I'm a Fool
Directed by - Don Medford

Starring - James Dean, Natalie Wood, Eddie Albert, Ronald Reagan

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James Dean and Natalie Wood

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