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Lady Frankenstein (1974) - Color - 84 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Lady Frankenstein. Lady Frankenstein is an Italian Spaghetti Horror cult classic starring Rosalba Nerri as that evil vixen, Tania - a.k.a Lady Frankenstein. Baron Frankenstein is played by Joseph Cotten. And the monster looks a lot like the Toxic Avenger! Contains some nudity. For mature audiences only.

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Lady Frankenstein
Directed by - Aureliano Luppi / Mel Welles

(1974) - Color - 84 min

Part one
Baron Frankenstein (played by Joseph Cotten) works to reanimate dead bodies as part of his his bizarre expriments. We learn that Lady Frankenstein is fascinated by the Baron's lab work.

With Rosalba Neri as Lady Frankenstein

The monster has his eye on you.

Part two
Baron Frankenstein needs to get some warm bodies - fast for his experiments. So he calls on a local thug to get him a few cold ones. When the monster comes back to life - he kills the Baron. Check out that evil eye

Great brain - lousy body. So they get him a new one

Part three
Well - now it is time for Lady Frankenstein to get together with the Baron's old assistant. He's got a fine brain - but his body is no good. So instead of going to the gym - they decide to give him a new body. Meanwhile - the monster is off killing people.

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Lady Frankenstein
Directed by - Aureliano Luppi / Mel Welles

Starring - Joseph Cotten, Rosalba Neri, Paul Muller Mickey Hargitay

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With Joseph Cotten as Baron Frankenstein

Part four
The detective is hot on their trail - and he knows something is fishy in that castle. Well that Lady Frankenstein is no angel - in fact she's a nasty wench. Will she get what's coming to her? or will her diabolical scheme work out. See the conclusion and find out.

The guy who gets the bodies

The detective who wants the truth

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The guy with the great brain gets a new body

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