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Mademoiselle Striptease (1957) - B&W - 98 min

Brigitte Bardot stars as young Agnes Dumont, who a mistakenly sells a valuable Balzac edition and then must enter an amateur striptease contest to get the money to buy it back. While in Paris, she also finds time for love.

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Mademoiselle Striptease
Directed by - Marc All?gret

(1957) - B&W - 98 min

Part one
It seems some anonymous person wrote a scandelous book about the people of Vichy. The author, is A.D. - which we quickly find out is Agnes Dumont, the general's 18 year old daughter.

Agnes does her act as Sophie, and wears a mask to keep her identity a secret.

Part two
Agnes hops on a train to Paris to see her brother, Hubert Dumont, the famous painter. (Only he isn't a famous painter - just the curator at the Balzac Museum). Anyway - Hubert is out of town, so needing money - she sells a book.

Part three
Agnes meets her brother when he returns only to find out the truth about the missing book. So Agnes decides to enter an amateur striptease contest - hoping to win the grand prize and save her skin, and her brother's job. Part III ends with round one of the vintage BB striptease.

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Mademoiselle Striptease
Directed by - Marc All?gret

Starring - Brigitte Bardot, Daniel G?lin, Robert Hirsch

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Brigitte Bardot as Agnes Dumount

Part four
Agnes hears a pack of lies from Daniel - who watched Sophie (Agnes in cognito) strip at the club and went to her dressing room after the show. Later on, Agnes forgives Daniel after he promises to give up his fascination with Sophie.

Part five
The striptease finals are being held in Vichy - Agnes' hometown and people will know here there. But Agnes is under contract - Will she marry Daniel ? Will the general see his daughter strip? Watch the conclusion and find out for yourself.

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