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Marilyn Monroe Story (1964) - B&W - 58 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - The Legend of Marilyn Monroe - narrated by John Huston. Learn the details of her troubled childhood, the break-up with jolting Joe, and watch her sing happy birthday to Jack Kennedy.

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Marilyn Monroe Story
Directed by - John Huston

(1964) - B&W - 58 min
Norma Jean Baker

Part one
Throughout her life, she was searching for a missing person, herself. Marilyn's gentle, haunting image still appears all over the world. Her childhood story is revealed.

Marilyn pulls her hands from the fresh cement at the sidewalk at Grauman's Chinese Theater. See the ceremony with Jane Russell. Also check out this clip with Tony Curtis.

Part two
One child, one mother. Her mother became mentally ill and was taken away. Marilyn was taken to a private orphanage. As a teen she was discovered in a photograph and was quickly trained by a modeling agency. Beautiful early footage of her Hollywood work and life!

Part three
Arthur Miller was a lucky man, announcing his engagement to Marilyn! As a wife she learned gardening and how to cook chicken soup. "Some Like It Hot" was a smash hit with Tony Curtis, earning her 10% of the profit... but her drug problems were taking over... using drugs to sleep then taking more to wake up... After a Mexican divorce, she went to Florida with an old friend named Joe.

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Marilyn Monroe Story
Directed by - John Huston

Starring - Marilyn Monroe

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