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Memphis Belle (1944) - Color - 42 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents The Memphis Belle - The story of a B-17 bomber on its final mission over Germany.

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Memphis Belle
Directed by - William Wyler

(1944) - Color - 42 min

Part one
A battle front in sky, complete with flying fortresses. Breifing at 0800, special delivery of bombs from England to Germany. Fear fades. Men concentrate on the mission planning. A prayer before takeoff.

Directed by William Wyler

Part two
Incredible flight footage showing the horrors of war, complete with men bailing out of shot planes. Sweating out the mission, the ground crew waits for the planes to return safely, and hospitals look for flares that mean that there are wounded on an incoming plane.

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Memphis Belle
Directed by - William Wyler

Starring - Robert Morgan, Vince Evans, Jacob L. Devers

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