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She Demons (1958) - B&W - 76 min

She Demons is a classic 50's sci-fi movie, a B movie, where B is for BAD. A nazi colonel is performing horrible experiments on beautiful women, trying to help his wife get her face back, after she was disfigured in a lab accident years ago. A hurricane brings some new guests to the island, who learn the truth about the evil scientist and his experimentson women. This movie reaches for new lows in poor writing, acting, and production - which of course is why it is so cool. While not as bad as some Ed Wood masterpieces - it does approach this level of lameness. See if you don't agree. Best viewed by those with time on their hands.

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She Demons
Directed by - Richard E. Cunha

(1958) - B&W - 76 min

Part one
Intro - BW - Title screens etc. Hurricane Emily destroys a ship with Jerry Turner, a spoiled rich girl, and Tod Maklin, wimpy scientist and their crew to seek shelter on an unchartered island. Also - if Sammy Ching looks familar - he should. You can watch him on Bonanza as Hop Sing. His real name is Victor Sen Yung, and he was also #2 son (Jimmy) on Charlie Chan.

with Rudolph Anders as the Nazi Colonel and Irish McCalla as Jerrie Turner, the spoiled rich girl.

The dances are really silly, you'll love them. Performed by The Diana Nellis Dancers.

Part two
The suspense heats up - as one of the crew gets killed by a She Demon. The remaining team of Jerry, Tod and Kris go looking for the answers on this mysterious island. Don't miss the terrific dance numbers.

The hero - Tod Maklin, who pulls his pants up above his belly button and has some of the most idiotic lines ever delivered in the history of film.

Part three
Well - now we get to learn more about the evil Nazi scientist, Colonel Osler, and his poor wife Mona who has been disfigured in a lab accident. You will love the performance by the Nazi storm troopers, as the whip the girls and make them cry, and die.

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She Demons
Directed by - Richard E. Cunha

Starring - Irish McCalla, Tod Griffin, Rudolph Anders, Victor Sen Yung

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the castaways look for answers.

Part four
Will Jerry be the next girl to be experimented on? and what about Tod- will he ever be able to foil the evil Nazi plans. And will the US Airforce come to the rescue by bombing the island. Why it is all too much, and too complicated. You really must see it to believe it - so watch the conclusion.

the bongo ladies provide some back beat for those crazy dance numbers in skimpy outfits.

the Nazi who does the sicko experiments.

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