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One Step Beyond - Where Are They? (1960) - B&W - 25 min

Yvette Mimeiux. This is the ultimate episode! First, the ghost who drops stones from the sky in Chico, CA. Amazing story. Our second tale is the story of Charles Elton, a man who created a pill to change water into gasoline. That's right, get a jug of water, add Mr Elton's magic gasoline pill and you have a jug of petrol. He demonstrates the pill to the military scientists and disappears, never seen from again. Alien technology, abduction or commercial espionage? Who knows? Where Are They?

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One Step Beyond - Where Are They?
Directed by - John Newland

(1960) - B&W - 25 min
Some shows deal with ESP, telepaths and other psycho stuff. If it's weird and you can't explain it - it's here. Best of all - all the stories are true ...or so they say!

Part one
Features mysterious rocks that fall from the sky in Chico, California. Is it a ghost as the anonymous letter writer claims? As a demonstration, the "ghost" makes rocks float and fall from the sky for a couple of Big City newspaper writers!

Get out of the way!!!

I can't believe it! Rocks are falling out of the sky!

Part two
Next up - Charles Elton, inventor of the gasoline pill. When mixed with water, the "gas pill" would create real gasoline very cheaply!

Part three
After incredible demonstrations of his gas pill, Charles Elton mysteriously disappears after demonstrating it to scientists in Washington, D.C. Men in black? One way trip to Area 51? We'll never know...

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One Step Beyond - Where Are They?
Directed by - John Newland

Starring - John Newland, Yvette Mimieux, Christopher Dark

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Charles Elton - Inventor of the Gasoline Pill!

With your host John Newland

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