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Popeye - Sinbad the Sailor (1936) - Color - 20 min

Popeye the sailor man takes on a mean Sinbad, played by Bluto. Sinbad sends a giant buzzard to wreck popeye's boat and steals Olive Oyl. Meanwhile, Wimpy has a hamburger. This cartoon features the two-headed cyclops - what more do you need?

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Popeye - Sinbad the Sailor
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

(1936) - Color - 20 min
What we love about these cartoons are the colors - so rich and saturated - and of course painted by hand - one by one. Nice job! This one is a classic.

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Popeye - Sinbad the Sailor
Directed by - Dave Fleischer

Starring - Popeye the Sailor Man

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