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Terror in Tiny Town (1932) - B&W - 62 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents The Terror of Tiny Town - directed by Sam Newfield. A traditional Western with an all midget cast. Plus several terrific musical numbers, including “Jack and Jill“.

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Terror in Tiny Town
Directed by - Sam Newfield

(1932) - B&W - 62 min

Part one
Begins with a quick overview from a vintage radio MC. We meet the hero - Buck Lawson and the villain - Bat Haines (played by Little Billy - who is also featured in Shadow of the Eagle). Bat is causing trouble by setting 2 ranchers against each other (The Lawsons and The Prestons) - killing their cattle and blaming the other guy. Part one closes with Bat going to meet Tex Preston.

Billy Curtis as Buck Lawson, the hero.

Bat Haines (Little Billy) and his henchman

Part two
Begins with Bat riding in fast on his Shetland pony (It looks like the pony is going ride off the set pretty funny). Bat then tells all kinds of lies to Tex Preston and the war is on. A musical interlude - meanwhile, Buck Lawson saves Nancy Preston, Tex's niece during a stagecoach holdup. Buck and Nancy fall for each other - their performances are excellent - their love electrifying - part 2 closes with a picnic and a song.

Part three
Eerie parallels with Romeo & Juliet as Buck and Nancy's love is shunned by their families. Bat shoots Nancy's uncle, Tex and blames Buck Lawson who was at his side. Buck gets thrown in the pokey and a lynch mob comes to string him up. Complete with a happy ending - looks like Nancy & Buck will get hitched after all, buy an SUV, and send their kids to private school.

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Terror in Tiny Town
Directed by - Sam Newfield

Starring - Billy Curtis, Yvonne Moray, Little Billy Rhodes

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Bill Payne as Tex Preston (quite a sharp dresser, don't you think?)

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