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Wild Women of Wongo (1959) - Color - 91 min

Mother Nature and Father Time try an experiment - they put all the beautiful women in Wongo with stupid, ugly men (brutish is the term used in the flick) and all the handsome men are live on the nearby island of Goona - with their unattractive wives.

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Wild Women of Wongo
Directed by - James L. Wolcott

(1959) - Color - 91 min

Part one
Mother Nature gives you the background plot and the title / credit roll. Perhaps they should have come up with a story idea before making a movie.

The high priestess of the Dragon God leads the crazy dance for the Wild Women of Wongo

The Wild Women of Wongo

Part two
Enter into the dragon pit - or in this case, the rubber crocodile lair. From the ocean, a handsome man from Goona comes to Wongo to warn them of invading ape men. The women of Wongo get "hot" for the Goona guy like a bunch of teeny boppers at a concert. So the brutish men of Wongo decide to murder the Goona guy, who is heir to the Goona Kingdom. And he came under the white wing (like.. in peace) to warn the Wongo tribe of the invading gorilla men, basically some guys in monkey suits. Find out if he makes it out alive.

I love her outfit of crocodile scales and hat - please dry clean.

Part three
The women of Wongo are in big trouble with their men, so they go to the temple. Meanwhile, back in Goona, the king's son tells his comrades about the primo babes on Wongo beach. The ape men do come. Scene 3 ends with a classic cat fight between two waring Wongo women.

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Wild Women of Wongo
Directed by - James L. Wolcott

Starring - Pat Crowley, Adrienne Barbeau, Ed Fury

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These are the handsome men from Goona.

Part four
The story continues as The Men of Wongo come to Goona and the Women of Wongo kidnap the Goona men and take them back to Wongo. Don't miss the stunning conclusion.

The High Priestess of the temple who morphs into a wild dancing frenzy.

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