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Africa Speaks (1935) - B&W - 60 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents Africa Speaks - a 1935 “talkie“ documentary about Africa, complete with great white hunters in their pith helmets. Sometimes they shoot cameras - other times they shoot guns. The film is remarkable in displaying the prejudice and political incorrectness of the period. The great white hunters find themselves superior in every way - yet 64 years later, they come off as the savage beasts.

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Africa Speaks
Directed by - Paul L. Hoefler

(1935) - B&W - 60 min
Documentary - First "talkie" about Africa

Part one
We meet the production crew of the movie and get a brief overview of the journey they take winding through Africa. The intro is somewhat weak - skip to part 2,3, or 4 if you're in a hurry. (6 min)

Note the early hand -cranked film camera

A Pygmy warrior gets salt from the white men in pith helmets and puts a pinch between his cheek & gum

Part two
The white men are taken to the Pygmy village as guests after offering a warrior some salt. In the village, we watch the Pigmies display their skills with bow and arrow - complete with poison. This is followed by some wildlife footage of lions, zebras, giraffes and more. (16 min)

Part three
Those aren't grasshoppers - they're locusts! Perhaps the first footage of a scourge of locust destroying everything for miles around... (complete with biblical prophesy voice-overs). The cameramen hunker down in a tent as everything around them is eaten. The crew then travels to Tanzania to film the Masai warriors.

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Africa Speaks
Directed by - Paul L. Hoefler

Starring - Paul L. Hoefler, Native Africans

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Part four
Lions capture and eat a wart hog in this real life "Lion King". After that - the cameramen are "attacked" by lions - and finish it off with some pistols. A very disturbing scene - (I warned you) - a warrior is mauled and killed by several lions. We meet "the duckbilled" women - who disfigured themselves to make them less attractive to slave traders. After some wildlife shots of Impalas and Gnus, the movie closes with Masai warriors hunting lions with nothing more than spears and shields.

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