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Amazing Adventure (1937) - B&W - 63 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents The Amazing Adventure - starring Cary Grany and Mary Brian. Grant is wealthy via inheritance, and feeling bored and guilty, sets out to earn an honest living. (from the novel - “The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss“ by E. Phillips Openheim).

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Amazing Adventure
Directed by - Alfred Zeisler

(1937) - B&W - 63 min

Part one
Rich, country club boy, Ernest Bliss is all sad and depressed. He doesn't work and is bored - the doctor tells him he's just a rich jerk - and tells him to get a job.... and a life. Ernest bets him he can live the life of an everyday Joe for a year and not milk his inheritence.

Ernest Bliss (Cary Grant)- As a chauffeur

Part two
Ernest finds a run down room to let and tries to find a job. He finally lands some honest employment at the Alpha Stove Company, where he meets Francis, the love interest, played by Mary Brian. After first failing as a salesman, he dips into his capital and makes a big splash at a stove trade show - where he sells 100 stoves to a wholesaler and saves the stove business. Then he quits and starts working as a chauffeur.

Part three
Meanwhile, some thugs have moved into Ernest's mansion and they want "Smith"- the chauffeur, to pass a bad check on Ernest Bliss' account. (The chauffeur looks like Mr. Bliss, because he is Mr Bliss). Frances hears from her sister, who is sick and needs an operation in Switzerland. She decides to marry the president of the stove company to pay for the trip instead of "Smith", who is now trying to be a bus driver. Finally, Ernest tells Francis the truth, and they live happily ever after, on trust funds.

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Amazing Adventure
Directed by - Alfred Zeisler

Starring - Cary Grant, Mary Brian

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Cary Grant charming his co-star, Mary Brian

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