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Beyond Bengal (1934) - B&W - 62 min

LikeTelevision™ presents - “Beyond Bengal“ a 1934 documentary about Southeast Asia.

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Beyond Bengal
Directed by - Harry Schenck

(1934) - B&W - 62 min

Part one
This early documentary on India has some audio drop-outs but it still pretty compelling drama. Back in the '30s, white people were convinced of their superiority ... so be prepared for some politically incorrect narration. Also, back then there was a lot more jungle. Watch the Bungelow Bills go tiger hunting - complete with pythons, elephants, leopards, and king cobras.

Part two
First they tell you how rare and elusive the Shadang is - then they shoot one. But wait - all the bad Karma comes back when Mrs. Baldwin a famous scientist in the group gets jungle fever. They must get her to the hospital in 10 days or she's toast. So they must cross a river teaming in crocidiles. Ali, one of the Indian guides gets mauled as his wife weeps -but makes a remarkable recovery. :~)

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Beyond Bengal
Directed by - Harry Schenck

Starring - Harry Schenck, Native Indians

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