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Boy and His Dog (1975) - B&W - 89 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - A boy and his Dog - featuring Don Johnson as Vic (a.k.a. Albert), Susanne Benton, and Jason Robards. The movie is based on a Harlan Ellison novel and is set in 2024 AD after WWIV - which lasted 5 days..

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Boy and His Dog
Directed by - L.Q. Jones

(1975) - B&W - 89 min

Part one
Vic and his Dog "Blood" scrounge to survive in the wasteland. Jason Robards big line - "That's our boy - put out the cheese"

Susanne Benton - "the cheese"

Part two
Vic and "Blood" find a woman at the movies and follow her to a hovel where the screamers live. The cheese, played by Susanne Benton, gets her mouse. Part 2 ends with the love scene in the boiler.

Part three
Vic wants to follow the girl underground - Blood tries to convince him not to - and agrees to wait above ground. We get to see the underground where the men are sterile and everyone has a white face.

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Boy and His Dog
Directed by - L.Q. Jones

Starring - Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards, Alvy Moore

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The committee of three - with Alvie Moore Helene Winston & Jason Robards

Part four
Vic goes before the committee and learns theat they want him to father their children. Great - sounds fun - but wait Vic - it's not what you think! Big surprise ending -- a real tear-jerker - Blood, near death, urges Vic and the girl to go "over the hill" and farm. Vic has a better idea.

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