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Dealers in Death (1935) - B&W - 37 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel presents Dealers in Death - a 1935 period piece about the merchants of war.

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Dealers in Death
Directed by -

(1935) - B&W - 37 min
This 1935 anti-war documentary tells the story of the companies that became rich selling weapons in World War I. You'll see your Krupps coffee machine in a new light! The narrator, Basil Ruysdael is over the top - he fans anti-war sentiment by telling you how expensive it is - $25,000 just to kill a man! Appealing to my pocket book? - The irony of the F.D.R. quote is amusing - in light of all the death and destruction soon to come with WWII just around the corner and how large the US government grew during his tenure.

Here's an interesting poster from the movie - the German nun taunts the British soldier

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Dealers in Death
Directed by -

Starring - Basil Ruysdael

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Vickers-Armstrong, Krupps, Skoda Schneider-Creusot and others. Europe's #1 business in 1935

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