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W.C. Fields - Golf Specialist (1925) - B&W - 18 min

The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents W.C. Fields in The Golf Specialist. In this 20 minute short film, J. Effingham Bellweather, (played by W.C. Fields) is The Golf Specialist. At a swank resort, Mr. Bellweather finds a girl and tries to get in a round of golf. Features the most obnoxious caddy of all time!

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W.C. Fields - Golf Specialist
Directed by -

(1925) - B&W - 18 min
We just added a DVD iso file to the LikeTelevision Download Library featuring 3 W.C Fields' films. The Golf Specialist, Fatal Glass of Beer, and The Dentist. The DVD iso file is available via the Download It link on page featuring W.C Fields in The Dentist.

W.C. Fields: born 1/29/1880
died 12/26/46

Part one

Watch W.C. Fields in The Golf Specialist

Part two

W.C. Fields - Golf Specialist Message Board

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W.C. Fields - Golf Specialist
Directed by -

Starring - W.C. Fields

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William Claude Dukenfield, a.k.a - W.C. Fields was born January 29,1880. He died on Christmas Day, 1946

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