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Jackie Robinson Story (1950) - B&W - 80 min

The Jackie Robinson Story was made in 1950 and stars Jackie Robinson as himself. The story is an interesting commentary on race relations and the trials experienced by the Robinson family during this troubled period. By today's standards, the movie has several sections that are insulting and gratuitous - especially since this was a “feel good“ movie. Some of the historic footage of Ebbets Field and baseball are classic re-creations, made in the same period.

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Jackie Robinson Story
Directed by - Alfred E Green

(1950) - B&W - 80 min
Branch Rickey, played by Minor Watson, is an interesting character in the movie. Mr. Rickey was the “Steinbrenner / Charley Finley“ of his day and once recruited a midget because of his small strike zone. His oratories about the greatness of America and equality must be tempered by Rickey's enthusiasm for self promotion. In truth, one feels his desire to play Jackie was as much a marketing decision as anything. Breaking the color barrier in baseball was great press... for Branch Rickey and the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Part one
Opens with scenes of Jackie as a child and his family. Soon he is off to UCLA on a scholarship - playing football. More character development as love grows between the future Mrs. Robinson, played by Ruby Dee, and Jackie. Jackie gets a job - he's drafted by the army!

Part two
The War ends and Jackie comes home. He gets a job playing baseball - with the Black Panthers in the Negro Leagues. Jackie faces racism everywhere the team travels. He gets a visit from a scout with the Brooklyn Dodgers - Jackie thinks the guy is pulling his leg. Eventually - he goes to NY and meets Branch Rickey.

Part three
Jackie meets with a minister and discusses the implications of a Black man playing baseball - not only for Jackie, but all Black people. The amount of pressure must have been amazing. Jackie goes to Montreal to play in the minors.

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Jackie Robinson Story
Directed by - Alfred E Green

Starring - Jackie Robinson, Ruby Dee, Louise Beavers, Minor Watson

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Part four
Lots of baseball action as Jackie plays in the minors in Montreal. He confronts racism - from the fans, from strangers, and even his own teamates. Some of the Dodgers sign a petition asking Branch Rickey to leave Jackie off the team.

Part five
Jackie gets brought up to the major leagues and he continues to keep his head despite all kinds of race baiting he confronts everywhere he goes. Exciting baseball history as Jackie does his talking with his bat and with his fielding. Watch the conclusion to The Jackie Robinson Story!

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