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Secret Agent (1936) - B&W - 84 min

This film features a young John Gielgud - with Robert Young (Father's Knows Best), Peter Lorre, and Madeleine Carrol. Intrigue in the Alps - first they get the wrong man and then find themselves in love. A nice little story by the master himself - Alfred Hitchcock.

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Secret Agent
Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

(1936) - B&W - 84 min

Part one
A soldier mysteriously dies in the night, or does he? A faked death... then onto a new secret mission. The secret agent meets his new partner, a beautiful blond played by Madeleine Carrol. A young Peter Lorre makes his appearance.

Sir John Gielgud:
04/14/04 - 05/21/00

Part two
An encoded note leads the agents to the Casino. A familiar dog is waiting at the door. Have they found their man? A climbing contest is arranged for the next day, they sucker the man into being their mountain guide.

Part three
Madeleine is hypnotized by the "spinning coin in the bowl" musical instruments. A telegraph is received... they have the wrong man! John wants to resign from the service to spend his time with Madeleine.

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Secret Agent
Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

Starring - John Gielgud, Robert Young, Peter Lorre, Madeleine Carrol

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Starring John Gielgud

Part four
They close in on a new suspect, and bad agents close in in them. They have to hit the alarm and cause a major distraction, so they can escape the factory! But wait... another HUGE twist at the end! Watch the incredible ending!

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