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The Trial (1963) - B&W - 118 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents The Trial - starring Anthony Perkins. Orson Welles adaptation of Franz Kafka's novella. An innocent man, Joseph K. is accused, tried and convicted of an unknown crime in a bureaucratic regime.

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The Trial
Directed by - Orson Welles

(1963) - B&W - 118 min

Part one
Kafkaesque intro, narrated by Orson Welles. Joseph K. wakes up one morning and finds the police searching his apartment. They suspect him of something - but aren't sure. He sure seems guilty of something.

Anthony Perkins as Joseph K.

Orson Welles as the "advocate"

Part two
The interrogation continues. Joseph K. is trailed, harassed and questioned. He makes his big speech at the state courthouse to a crowd of laughing men. Part two closes with Uncle Max coming to visit Joseph at work. (great Orwellian / Huxley visions of compu-hell).

Part three
Joseph K. goes to visit a powerful advocate (Orson Welles) who moves in powerful circles. He also meets and loves the advocates mistress - who has a hankering for the accused. Joseph then goes to the court, only to find the chambers empty, where he meets a young women.(She's the examining magistrate's mistress) Part three ends with the surreal - with Joseph walking through the hall of "The Accused".

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The Trial
Directed by - Orson Welles

Starring - Anthony Perkins, Orson Welles

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Scene from "The Hall of the Accused"

Part four
Joseph K. goes to see the advocate only to find his mistress with the advocate's best client (Mr. Block) in an amorous embrace (seems she likes all the accused - not just Joseph). Joseph wants to dismiss the advocate - who demonstrates the power he has over Block - and suggest Joseph reconsider.

Part five
The advocates mistress suggests he see Titterelli - the portrait painter of the judges. At his studio, the painter explains what he can and can't do for Joseph. (GREAT!! scene - children's eyes peering through the slats - beautiful and dramatic use of light. The trial ends with a existential splash as Joe gets blown up by the bureaucracy. (check out Kafka's "The Penal Colony" - a great short story)

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