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Andy Nova (2000) - B&W - 5 min

Here it is... the first real life human simulating a 3-D virtual newscaster! Andy Nova comes to you courtesy of LBS - cyber division.

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Andy Nova
Directed by - LBS

(2000) - B&W - 5 min
To fully comprehend the Andy Nova, please check out for a sample. Also check out this article and oh my, another!

Episode #1
Andy's humble beginning...

The company that created Andy Nova is in the process of selling this technology for a reported Four Hundred Dollars ($400)

Episode #2
With new high dollar look!

Episode #3
Kickin' it with Andy Nova!

Andy Nova Message Board

LikeTelevision™ News
Andy Nova
Directed by - LBS

Starring - Andy Nova

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Andy Nova the person is owned by the LBS, its owners and affiliates. Any similarities with real world people or characters is merely coincidental. Andy's wardrobe is provided by Botany Soft 500

Episode #4
Andy's first TV Interview!

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