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Angel On My Shoulder (1946) - B&W - 104 min

Starring Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, and Claude Rains. Eddie Kagel (Paul Muni) is a hardened criminal who agrees to work for the devil (Claude Rains), then has a change of heart.

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Angel On My Shoulder
Directed by - Archie Mayo

(1946) - B&W - 104 min

Part one
Eddie gets out of the joint and is picked up by his childhood buddy, Smiley, who was running the operation while he was in the can. Smiley puts 4 slugs into Eddie, and Eddie gets sent to Hell.

Eddie Kagel (Paul Muni) goes to Hell

Eddie charms the Judge's fianc?e, Barabara Foster, played by Anne Baxter

Part two
Part two starts off very dark - Hang in there - Eddie is just descending to the underworld. Once there, Mr. Big of Hell, played by Claude Rains discovers he looks just like Judge Frederick Parker, a popular politician who is an incorruptible nice guy. The devil arranges for Eddie to take over the judges body and his life.

Part three
We meet Barbara Foster (Anne Baxter), an ambitious social climber, who Judge Parkers' fianc?e. She's concerned about the Judge's mental health and meets with a shrink named Dr. Higgins. Eddie decides to skip town and head to St. Louis to kill Smiley but misses the plane. The devil is not amused - the deal calls for Eddie to "be" Judge Parker for a while - and THEN he can kill Smiley.

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Angel On My Shoulder
Directed by - Archie Mayo

Starring - Paul Muni, Anne Baxter, Claude Rains

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Claude Rains as the devil - or as Eddie calls him - some Greek guy named Metapopolous

Part four
The devil, looking to ruin Judge Parker sends Eddie out to "tell 'em off" - and give a big speech at the convention -- it seems Judge Parker is running for Governor. Some hecklers toss vegetables at Eddie just as he's getting started. He jumps in the crowd and starts pounding them senseless - making a the judge a grass roots hero for standing up to the bullies.

Part five
Eddie goes to the country to see the new house with Barbara. (where the Judge and Barbara are planning to raise a family). The devil tells Eddie that Smiley's in town and that Barbara is in danger - so he has to go kill Smiley. Barbara has him arrested for stealing the car and then agrees to let him off if he'll marry her. Will Eddie go through with it ???

Part six
Eddie has his showdown with Smiley, who has come to town from St. Louis to "buy" an interest in Judge Frederick Parker (w/ Eddie Kagel's soul). Will Eddie take out Smiley and avenge his murder ??? Watch the conclusion!

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