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1936 Olympia - Part one (1936) - B&W - 90 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - The 1936 Olympics (Part one) - a landmark film of the 1936 Olympics by Leni Riefenstahl. Adolf Hitler is the host of the the Olympics - how's that for irony. In spite of all the disturbing footage of people doing that Hitler “hi“ sign, Joseph Goebbels, and Musselini - the film is a great archive from the athletic competition. Check out the old high jump techniques.

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1936 Olympia - Part one
Directed by - Leni Riefenstahl

(1936) - B&W - 90 min
Held in Berlin - this documentary is a film record of the controversial 1936 Olympic Games, where Jesse Owens won four gold medals and made mincemeat of Hitlers' Aryan supremacy theory. Go Jesse!

Part one
First a look back at some of the ancient olympic structures - now ruins in Greece. Then a very artsy segment with idealized athletes. Very cool film segemnts - then off to the opening ceremony and parade. Hitler opens the games - complete with countless doves. (This clip contains brief nudity)

Starring Jesse Owens

Men's High Jump - won by Cornelius Johnson! Hitler snubbed Johnson, by not awarding him his gold medal personally as he had done earlier in the games. The "snubee" - usually attributed to Jesse Owens - was actually Cornelius Johnson!

Part two
The Olympic games begin - 49 countries compete in 19 sports, 129 events. First off - the discus throw - won by an American named Carpenter - 50.48 meters and a new Olympic record. Next up - the women's discus, won by a German lass. -. 47.63 meters and another new record. The women's hurdles - won by Italy. Next up - the hammer throw another record! Now - the big event - mens 100m w/ Jesse Owens - some qualifying heats and the final. Check out how the sprinters "dig" their starting blocks with little garden tools. Jesse Owens wins w/ 10.3 sec. (also wins Gold in mens 200m dash, 400 m relay, and the long jump)

Part three
More track - mens 1500 meters - and another World's Record by John Lovelock, New Zealand. Next up - a great competition for the gold in the mens high jump. USA's Cornelius Johnson wins the event and gets snubbed by Hitler (who stopped congratulating the winners). Another world record - 6'8". Today's jumpers using different styles jump over a foot higher.

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1936 Olympia - Part one
Directed by - Leni Riefenstahl

Starring - Jesse Owens, Cornelius Johnson, Konrad Frey, Helen Stephens, Many more fine athletes!

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Track star Helen Stephens

Part four
More track and field - mens high hurdles. Then some cool javelin tosses. Followed by a grueling mens 10,000m race. The Finns kick butt - going 1,2, and 3 - no doubt - a fitting tribute to the great Paavo Nurmi.

Part five
The final round of the mens pole vault. 25 men have qualified by clearing 12.06 feet. (the athletes don't have those high tech bending bars used today). It looks like bamboo - but I'm not sure. The competition goes on into the night - eventually won by Meadows from America. Womens 400m relay race - great stuff, then the mens 400 m - both won by USA.

Part six
The final of the mens 1600m relay race - which offers a great duel between Great Britain and America (Britain wins). Next - the mens marathon - check out the Argentine guy in the hat - streamlined - (I think he won in LA in '32 -so give him his props). Closing ceremony and out.

FACTOID - The Olympic torch was lit by the rays of the sun at Olympia in Greece and carried by 3,075 torch bearers. The new stadium in Berlin could hold 100,000 people . For the first time, the Games were televised. The events were broadcast throughout the Olympic village and to public halls and theatres throughout Germany which enabled all Germans to watch the Games. Results were transmitted to the world's media by telex and zeppelins carried newsreel film to other cities.

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