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Battleship Potemkin (1925) - B&W - 62 min

This silent classic by Russian master director Sergei Eisenstein is part of film legend. Countless directors have made reference to the scene in the Odessa Steps with the baby carriage. So if you don't know who Eisenstein is - brush up on your history and watch this classic from the beginning of “film time“. Every great director knows who Eisenstein is and his incredible contribution to the growth of film as an artistic medium. (see part 4 - montage) Make sure you watch this landmark film about the 1905 revolution.

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Battleship Potemkin
Directed by - Sergei Eisenstein

(1925) - B&W - 62 min

Part one
Men and Maggots - Intro - B/W - Title screens etc. The men on the Battleship Potemkin are disgusted by the poor living conditions and brutality. When a shipment of meat arrives filled with maggots, they decide enough is enough.

Part two
Drama on The Quarterdeck - The sailors refuse to eat the maggot filled meat. The captain calls in the marines and throws a tarp over a group of sailors. The marines are told to fire on the unarmed men - and all hell breaks loose.

Part three
An Appeal from The Dead - The people gather at the shipyard to mourn the death of their fallen comrade. Drawing inspiration from the courage of the dead sailor - they decide to rise up and "do something about it!" The people assemble and fights break out.

Battleship Potemkin Message Board

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Battleship Potemkin
Directed by - Sergei Eisenstein

Starring - Alexander Antonov

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Part four
The Odessa Steps - This is a very famous clip in the history of film. Montage is born! Montage - the combination of pictoral elements to create ideas or related ideas. Eisenstein is usually credited as the first - The Odessa Steps sequence featuring the baby carriage wheels and the old woman's glasses. In this case, the diagonals of the steps (and rifles)combined with the shots of "circle shapes"(the wheels and the glasses) create additional conflict and tension. This is an incredible sequence.

Part five
Meeting The Squadron - The revolutionaries on the Potemkin and the people on the shore meet the full force of the squadron in the exciting conclusion to Potemkin

Sergei at the editing table circa 1925. If you look closely - he has scissors in his right hand

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