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Blood Feast (1963) - B&W - 67 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Blood Feast - with William Kerwin, Connie Mason, and Mal Arnold - as an insane Egyptian Caterer named Fuad Ramses. Mr. Ramses wants to recreate an ancient Egyptian Feast with young girls body parts. This film is remarkable for the year it was made - 1963 - and the bloody gore, captured in living color. Also - the acting performances are so terrible - they become memorable.

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Blood Feast
Directed by - Herschell Gordon Lewis

(1963) - B&W - 67 min

Part one
Young women are being brutally murdered and Police are urging women to stay at home. That didn't help the lady taking a bath - she gets sliced and diced. Title screens etc. Plus we meet the men at the Homicide Bureau, Pete Thorton (William Kerwin) and Police Captain (Scott H. Hall).

Mal Arnold as Mr Fuad Ramses

Pete Thorton - the super sleuth who enjoys taking courses on Egyptian culture. (William Kerwin)

Part two
Begins with Ramses Exotic Catering - A mother, Mrs. Freemont, is looking for a fancy party for her daughter Suzette - Mr Ramses suggests an authentic Egyptian Feast - it has not been served for 5,000 years. I bet the feast includes a wide assortment of body parts... hmmm... let's watch as Mr. Ramses do his magic in the kitchen. Tony should have taken that girl home - some of the worst acting ever put to film!

Part three
Okay - Enjoy the musical score - yikes! It sounds like a third grader practicing violin. Mr. Ramses gets that tongue he needed. Also - a museum tour that details the mythology of the ancient Blood Feast. Ishtar, Ishtar - where's Dustin Hoffman? Pete Thorton and Suzette attend this Egyptian Culture Course on a date. Pete promises that he'll try to make her party on Saturday.

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Blood Feast
Directed by - Herschell Gordon Lewis

Starring - William Kerwin, Connie Mason, Mal Arnold

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An early victim from part one - lots more too - with cooking hints.

Part four
Pete goes to the hospital to see the latest victim. She's still alive - but Pete asks the girl, Janet Blake a few questions. "He had wild eyes....Wild Eyes!" Check that organ track! Also - a great scene with some hot young girls from the early '60s. Part four ends with Fuad whipping up the final ingredients for tomorrow's feast. Pete has a brain fart - Ishtar, Itar Ishtar, Itar... and figures out the Dr. Ramses is the killer.

Part five
Fuad makes the final preparations - looks like something out of the Ed Gein story. Don't watch this if you're hungry. Will Mr. Ramses serve up the human fondue? Or will Pete and the law get their man. Watch the conclusion - See what happens to Trudy Sanders and find out if Fuad gets away.

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