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Conquest of the Air (1940) - B&W - 66 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Conquest of the Air - an English film about man's conquest to fly. Beginning from the days of jumping off towers with “wings“ to the beginning of WWII. Filmed with lots of info about the history of flight.

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Conquest of the Air
Directed by - Alexander Esway

(1940) - B&W - 66 min
The history of man's quest for flight - from the earliest days to the late thirties. Lot's of cool vintage aircraft.

Part one
The real early days of flight when people jumped off buildings with simple wings made of paper. Details some of the more famous leapers. Roger Bacon decides more science is need before man can fly. The church sends him to prison for 10 years for such radical thinking.

The monk who tried to fly

Part two
DaVinci and his early work on aircraft design plus his apprentice's accident. Scientists determine we can't flap fast enough to fly, so work turns toward balloons. Also features Laurence Olivier as Vincent Lunardi, foppish dresser and an early ballooning pioneer.

Laurence Olivier stars as Vincent Lunardi

Part three
Okay - more vintage flying machines as we race toward motorized flight. Some early work in gliding, the Wright Brothers and the race to fly across the English Channel. The glory days of the wacky aircraft!

Conquest of the Air Message Board

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Conquest of the Air
Directed by - Alexander Esway

Starring - Laurence Olivier, Frederick Culley

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The Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk N.C.

Part four
WWI era planes and before... also footage of more balloons and the historic footage of the Hindenburg bursting in flames. Also details the glory days of barnstormers and explorers like Amelia Earhardt and Wiley Post.

Part five
The advancement of the aircraft into the "modern" age or in this case...up to the early days of WWII. Of interest is the first commercial airplanes and some early cargo planes. Ends with some cool gliders.

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