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Fathers Little Dividend (1951) - B&W - 82 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Father's Little Dividend - with Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Bennet, Billy Burke.

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Fathers Little Dividend
Directed by - Vincente Minnelli

(1951) - B&W - 82 min

Part one
Stanley Banks(Spencer Tracy) , still reeling from paying for his daughter Kay's (Elizabeth Taylor) lavish wedding muses about what it's like to be a man.

Elizabeth Taylor as Kay Banks Dunstan - the hormonally charged Mom-to-be

Hayden Rorke as Dr. Anthony Nordell - a 1950's new-age physician. (yep - hayden is Dr. Bellows on I dream of Jeannie)

Part two
Stanley and his wife Ellie (Joan Bennet) learn that Kay is going to have a baby. Ellie is thrilled and Stanley can only think of how the young couple will pay for it. Ellie wants Kay and Buckley Dunstan to move into their house. Buckley's dad has designs for a new house - when we learn Buckley and Kay are getting a house in the new subdivision - with a mortgage (Egads- how times have changed).

Part three
Okay - Stanley and Kay have a long father-daughter talk on a swing. Stanley recounts how he felt when Kay was born. Ellie and Stanley talk about what they will buy for the new parents - and what the Dunstans will buy for the child. The competition of "the grandparents" is on - and it's an all out slugfest! Herbert Dunstan (Moroni Olsen) and Doris Dunstan (Billie Burke) play Buckley's parents. Kay and Stanley have a funny talk about raising a child. Why Dr. Andrew Nordell (Hayden Rorke) is wonderful! (Hayden Rorke is also Dr. Bellows in I dream of Jeannie).

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Fathers Little Dividend
Directed by - Vincente Minnelli

Starring - Spencer Tracy, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Bennet, Billy Burke, Don Taylor

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Spencer Tracy as Stanley Banks - first the father of the bride - now a Grandpa

Part four
Several months pass by - the calm before the storm. Buckley and Kay have a fight and Kay leaves. Stanley works with Buckley to attempt to find where Kay went. They have some great father / kid who married my daughter bantor. Stanley has a teary-eyed talk with Kay. Buckley and Kay make up as Kay's hormonal pre-natal rush subsides.

Stanley has a chat with Doris Dunstan (Billie Burke) about what to name the new baby. Billie Burke is best known for her role as "The Good Witch" in The Wizard of OZ.

Part five
The Dunstans play some bridge with the Banks - and Kay's mind wanders. Time passes slowly as the child's birth nears. Buckley is jittery and Kay is feeling anxious as well. Once again - Stanley steps in to save the day and reassure nervous newlyweds. The day arrives. Ellie drives like a maniac on her way to the hospital. Ooops - false alarm. Then a call in the middle of the night to Stanley - the baby's already here - it's a boy. The baby likes to cry every time Stanley tries to hold it (several funny scenes).

Part six
Kay brings the baby to the Banks house - the little bundle will be staying for a few days while Kay goes to Boston. Stanley takes the baby for a walk, and he loses the baby? Will he find him? And will they ever be friends? See for yourself!

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