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He Walked By Night (1948) - B&W - 80 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - He Walked By Night - with Richard Basehart, Jack Webb, and Scott Brady. Based on the story bu Crane Wilbur. See the movie that ultimately led to the Dragnet TV series.

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He Walked By Night
Directed by - Alfred Weker

(1948) - B&W - 80 min
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Part one
Note the resemblence to Dragnet's signature intro. Officer Rolands is working his beat. Tonight - he meets up with Roy (Richard Basehart) who gets interupted while knocking off a radio shop.

Joe tests some Nitro!

The boys talk shop

Part two
All units, all units... officer down. Police throw out a dragnet. Countless innocent "shady characters" are rounded up and questioned. But the murderer is not among them. Also... see Jack Webb test Nitro Glycerine with a hammer!

Part three
Okay - Roy tries to sell some stolen equipment to a reputable dealer. The dealer finds a buyer, who recognizes the gear as his own. Police setup a sting, but Roy gets away but not before shooting another cop and taking some lead himself. Part 2 closes with Roy taking out the bullet.

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He Walked By Night
Directed by - Alfred Weker

Starring - Richard Basehart, Jack Webb, Scott Brady

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Richard Basehart voyages to the bottom of a sea of criminality.

Part four
Roy changes his M.O. (modus operandi - method of operating)... and starts knocking liquor stores. There's also a great scene with some vintage "artist rendering" technology. Then, Detective Brennen (Scott Brady) is told to take some time off by the Captain.

Part five
Does Detective Brennen get Roy? What secrets will we learn about Roy's past? Will Roy take out a few more cops on his crime spree? And what about the dog? Watch the exciting conclusion to - He Walked By Night.

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