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Jungle Book (1942) - B&W - 124 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Jungle Book - with Sabu, Joseph Calleia, Rosemary De Camp, and Patricia O'Rourke. A boy is raised in the jungle by wolves and later grows into a man who confront tigers and and evil men. Based on the book by Rudyard Kipling.

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Jungle Book
Directed by - Zoltan Korda

(1942) - B&W - 124 min
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Part one
Set in India, an old man tells a story to a crowd. We also meet Shere Kahn (the tiger), Baloo (the bear), and Bagheera (the black panther). Some elephants too!

Starring Sabu - as Mowgli - the man cub

Mowgli has a chat with Kaa - the snake

Part two
We get a glimpse of Mowgli's early childhood spent with the wolf cubs. Twelve years pass and Mowgli is now a young man. He wanders into the villiage and is captured by the men, led by Buldeo (Joseph Calleia) - who thinks Mowgli is evil, like the beasts of the jungle.

Part three
His mother, Massua (Rosemary De Camp) agrees to care for the boy, not knowing that Mowgli is her child - who disappeared many years ago into the jungle. Mowgli learns the ways of man, gets some money and buys a knife... so he can return to the jungle and defeat Shere Kahn. He feels that man is the evil beast - not the animals in the jungle. He wants out - even though he is fond of Buldeo's daughter, Mahala (Patricia O'Rourke).

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Jungle Book
Directed by - Zoltan Korda

Starring - Sabu, Joseph Calleia, Rosemary De Camp, Patricia O'Rourke, John Qualen

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Buldeo (Joseph Calleia) - Mowgli's rival. And father of his sweetheart, Mahala.

Part four
Mowgli and Mahala take a stroll in the jungle and find the ancient lost city, filled with gold, ruby's and pearls. But the treasure has a curse. Mowgli takes on a talking cobra - who warns them of the curse.

Shere Kahn - Mowgli's arch rival in the jungle

Part five
Mowgli has a long conversation with Kaa, a huge python Mowgli has known since he was a child. He asks Kaa how to defeat Shere Kahn, who tells him to "use the water" Luke... uh, Mowgli. Mowgli messes with Shere Kahn and the battle is on. Meanwhile Buldeo finds out about the treasure and wants to force Mowgli to disclose the location. Buldeo finds Mowgli and gets jumped by Bagheera (the panther). Buldeo thinks Mowgli is a witch who changed into a panther.

Part six
Mowgli goes back to the villiage where he is accused of being a witch. Buldeo is joined by the barber and the pundit in search of the treasure. Eventually, they find it and must confront the old cobra.

Part seven
Will Buldeo and crew suffer the curse of the treasure? And what about Mowgli and Mahala? Will Buldeo burn down the jungle? Watch the stunning conclusion.

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