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Last Time I Saw Paris (1952) - Color - 116 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Last Time I Saw Paris, starring Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Donna Reed, and Walter Pidgeon. A fun movie that appears to be based on the life of American novelist, F. Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote a bunch of terrific short stories (Diamond as Big as the Ritz is a personal favorite) but is best known for writing The Great Gatsby. The film is a loose adaptation of his time spent in Paris as a shallow rich guy searching for some meaning in his life. (I think it was Gertrude Stein, or Ernest Hemingway maybe... who coined the term - The Lost Generation, which spoke of these idle rich American artists who wasted their talents getting drunk and carousing in Paris).

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Last Time I Saw Paris
Directed by - Richard Brooks

(1952) - Color - 116 min

Part one
Charles Wills returns to the bar in Paris where he spent his "Glory Days" with Helen. Great historic V-Day footage of Paris. Charles then jumps back in time (Wayne and Garth "dream sequence") and we learn of his tragic love story.

Liz Taylor as Helen - the carefree American

Roger Moore as Paul - the tennis bum

Part two
Charles Wills, Stars and Stripes journalist with no money after WWII, meets Helen at a party. She also meets Helen's wild father, (Walter Pidgeon) and her reserved sister, played by Donna Reed.

Part three
Charles asks for Helen's hand in marriage. They get hitched and have a beautiful little girl. Charles continues to send his manuscripts to publishers - to no avail. The rejection wears him down. Plus !!! Lots of fun and frolic in gay paris. Charles meets the glamorous socialite, played by Eva Gabor.

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Last Time I Saw Paris
Directed by - Richard Brooks

Starring - Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Donna Reed, Eva Gabor, Roger Moore

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Van Johnson - as Charles Wills, writer

Part four
The worthless oil leases aren't worthless after the well hits a gusher. Finally - Helen and Charles are rich. Still, the continued rejection of his writing sends Charles into a tailspin. At the Wilson's party, Helen dances with the "tennis bum" (Roger Moore) while Charles rides off in his sportscar with wealthy socialite (Gabor). Part 4 ends with turn one of the race.

Part five
The car race continues ... great vintage sportsters - MGs, Porches, Ferrari, etc.... Helen pursues the tennis bum till she learns he's only interested in an affair. She leaves, and in a nasty cold rain, finally gets to her sisters and keels over. Off to the hospital.... Then... Watch the conclusion and find out for yourself!!!

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