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Murder! (1930) - B&W - 108 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Murder! - An actress is found at the scene of a murder with amnesia. She is convicted of murder, but one of the jurors has second thoughts about her guilt.

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Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

(1930) - B&W - 108 min

Part one
Lots of commotion in a small urban neighborhood as the police come to check out "disturbance". It seems an actress has been murdered - and a another actress in the troupe (Diana Baring- played by Norah Baring) has shown an open hatred to the victim. Plus she has amnesia- get some brandy!

Herbert Marshall as Sir John Menier

Diana is sent to prison where to await her execution

Part two
The police try to get some the facts in the case straight and get to hear all the dirt on the victim and other actors in the show. We also meet Diane's boy friend, an actor who wears dresses. The trial of Rex vs. Diana Baring begins. Lots of stuffy brits in powdered wigs help make the trial memorable.

The jail matron ready to kick butt!

Part three
Okay - The jury foreman adds up the votes on the jury's first straw poll. Most think she's guilty, but there's a few hold-outs. We also meet Sir John Menier, a famous actor, and juror -who thinks she's innocent. After a bit of prodding, Sir John gives in and the jury reaches a decision - GUILTY. And she is sentanced to death.

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Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

Starring - Herbert Marshall, Norah Baring

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The jury deliberates...

Part four
Sir John hears a radio broadcast while shaving and begins to has his doubts about the verdict. Are they sending an innocent girl to her death? So he decides to begin investigating the murder on his own - to find out who drank that brandy - and the real identity of the murderer. Sir John calls in Ted Markum (Edward Chapman) and his wife, Doucie (Phyllis Konstam) from the show to ask some more questions.

Mr Handel Fane - the cross-dressing acrobat

Part five
Sir John's secret interigation of Ted and doucie Markum continues as he invites them to dine with him in his office. Then they all go to the scene of the crime. Sir John investigates the possiblility of someone sneaking through the window and back to the theatre. Sir John's search leads him to an actress' apartment, complete with a whimpering baby.

Part six
Sir John then goes to the prison to visit Diana Baring and see if she can shed some light on the "policeman" in the alley. She has some information about the "other man" but refuses to provide his name, because she's in love with him.

Part seven
We meet Mr. Handel Fane, the mysterious acrobat. Sir John call him in to read for a part. Will Sir John find out the identity of the other man? Will he find out who is the murderer? Or will Diana Baring hang for the crime. Watch the stunning conclusion.

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