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Murder by Television (1935) - B&W - 56 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Murder By Television - with Bela Lugosi as Arthur Perry, an early engineer of Television. James Houghton, inventor of a new Television broadcast system is mysteriously murdered during a TV broadcast demonstation. It seems his TV camera turned into a death ray! Interesting historic piece on early television and industrial espionage.

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Murder by Television
Directed by - Clifford Sanforth

(1935) - B&W - 56 min

Part one
James Houghton has invented a high resolution TV and other companies will do just about anything to get the plans for the new invention.

Bela Lugosi as Arthur Perry, and early engineer in television broadcasting

Part two
We meet Arthur Perry (Bela Lugosi) an engineer who works with Hougland. He gets an offer from Jordan to get the plans or convince Houghland to sell the plans to Jordan's broadcasting company. When Houghland makes the broadcast - he is killed when his television machine turns into a death ray.

Part three
Okay - Police Chief Nelson is on the scene and no one is leaving the house. Better still - everybody is a suspect with a movie. When a Dr. brings in a quasi-lie detector machine - it looks like our main suspects are innocent. But wait - Arthur Perry has a brother - and it was he who made the dirty deal with Jordan.

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Murder by Television
Directed by - Clifford Sanforth

Starring - Bela Lugosi, George Meeker, Henry Mowbray

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Part four
Everyone thinks Arthur Perry has been killed - but it's actually just his no good brother. Lots of twists and turns await as we find out who killed James Houghton, the inventor of the new television broadcast device.

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