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My Favorite Brunette (1949) - B&W - 87 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - My Favorite Brunette - with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. Ronnie Jackson, mild mannered baby photographer wants to be a private eye and gets entangled in a case of intrigue with a beautiful lady.

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My Favorite Brunette
Directed by - Elliot Nugent

(1949) - B&W - 87 min

Part one
Ronnie Jackson (Bob Hope) is in San Quentin awaiting his executuion. The warden allows him to tell his story to the newspaper. The cub reporters who show up listen as Ronnie tells his story... about a mild mannered baby photographer.

Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour

With Peter Lorre as Kismet, the bad guys' evil henchman

Part two
Ronnie gets tired of the baby photo business and wants to be a private eye, just like Sam McCleod, his next store neighbor in the Trafalgar building. Sam goes out of town and Ronnie acts like he's Sam the detective when a client, Baroness Carlotta Montay (Dorothy Lamour) shows up with a case.

Part three
Okay - Ronnie meets with the Baron (or so he thinks) and the shrink who tells him that Carlotta is crazy and having delusions. He believes them for a while and then sees the Baron get out of his wheelchair. When he snaps a photo and runs - Kismet (Peter Lorre), a henchman chases after him. After he gets knocked out by Kismet, he returns with the police to the mansion.

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My Favorite Brunette
Directed by - Elliot Nugent

Starring - Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour

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Bob Hope as Ronnie Jackson - the mild mannered baby photographer

Part four
The bad guys plant a "clue" for Ronnie about Carlotta's whereabouts. Eventually, Ronnie finds the clue and goes to a sanitarium - where he is soon captured as a new patient. Kismet (Peter Lorre) thumps him with a blackjack to disclose the location of the map. They send Tony out on a ruse - and have just a few short hours before he returns.

With Lon Chaney jr. (left) as Willie, a mentally challenged henchman

Part five
Ronnie gets up with Carlotta and they plan a daring escape. After a fight with Kismet, they get away in Ronnie's car. Ronnie tells Carlotta he's just a baby photographer and wants out. He gives him a kiss and he's back on the case.

Part six
Ronnie goes off with Mr. Collins to the FBI with the map. Kismet is hiding in the back and kills Mr. Collins, then steals the map. Even worse, Ronnie gets blamed for the murder. After his escape, he goes off with Carlotta to the Pilgrim Motel for a showdown with the bad guys.

Part seven
Ronnie and Carlotta hatch a plan to catch the criminals but will it work? Will they get the map back? Is that Betty Hutton singing "Muder, He Said" on the phonograph? Will Ronnie gets executed when he finishes his story to reporters? And who is the "surprise" executioner? Watch the stunning conclusion.

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