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Only One Night (1939) - B&W - 87 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Only One Night - with Ingrid Bergman, Edvin Adolphson and Aino Taube. Based on the novel by Harald Tandrup. A carnival worker joins high society and is matched with a beautiful woman. B/W - Swedish with subtitles.

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Only One Night
Directed by - Gustaf Molander

(1939) - B&W - 87 min

Part one
Opening scene is a typical night at the Fun-Fair, a travelling carnival show run by a woman named Mortenson (Aino Taube). She has help from her live-in lover, Valdemar Morreaux (Edvin Adolphson). Meanwhile, Eva (Ingrid Bergman) goes to Fun Fair w/ her guardian, Colonel Von Brede. While there, the colonel spots Valdemar - and notes a resemblence with the family.

Ingrid Bergman is Only One Night

Part two
Hagberg, the Von Brede's butler goes to Valdemar and tells him the Colonel wishes to meet him. After Mr Morreaux tells his story - the Colonel realizes that Valdemar is his son from a "youthful indescetion". The Colonel offers Valdemar a job as a stable boy and a small farm.

Part three
Okay - Valdemar decides to leave the Fun Fair and Mortenson. The "good-bye" party turns into a great drunken brawl and cat fight. Valdemar moves into the Von Brede house and soon learns the truth about his past and the Colonel's place in it.

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Only One Night
Directed by - Gustaf Molander

Starring - Ingrid Bergman, Edvin Adolphson, Aino Taube

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The father and son have a chat

Part four
The Colonel, Valdemar, and Eva all go on a cruise together. The Colonel wants the two to fall in love - but neither is in love with the other. Eva and Valdemar become friends when Eva learns that Valdemar doesn't love her.

Part five
Valdemar learns that Mortenson is in town with another circus. And he wants to see her. Can you blame him? Things blow hot and cold with Eva - one minute- she is warm and friendly... then cold and shrill. Today - we might call Eva "high maintenance". Valdemar goes back to Eva - for now.

Part six
Will Valdemar go with Eve or will be return to his life in the travelling fun-fair? Will And what about the baby lions? Watch the exciting conclusion to Only One Night!

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