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Planet Outlaws (1953) - B&W - 68 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Planet Outlaws - with Buster Crabbe as Buck Rogers and Philip Ahn as Prince Tallon. Buck Rogers wakes up 500 years in the future and helps save the world from Killer Kane.

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Planet Outlaws
Directed by - Ford Beebe

(1953) - B&W - 68 min

Part one
Buck Rogers is found in the artic in a blimp by people from the future! No, really!

Buster Crabbe as Buck Rogers and Phillip Ahn as Prince Tallon

Part two
The world is being ravaged by a mean guy named Killer Kane (Anthony Warde). Buck and his pal "Buddy" (Jackie Moran) soon become leaders in the fight against oppression. Buck devises a scheme to take a spaceship and work an alliance with Saturn. We also meet the love interest, Lt. Wilma Deering (Constance Moore) who is one sharp lady!

Part three
Okay... Buck and his team narrowly escape Saturn in one of Killer Kane's ships. He should have told his pals on Earth - because they try to shoot him down. Buck Rogers then comes up with another clever idea to foil the evil Killer Kane and saves Prince Tallon from signing a deal with Kane.

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LikeTelevision™ Sci-Fi
Planet Outlaws
Directed by - Ford Beebe

Starring - Buster Crabbe, Philip Ahn, Jackie Moran, Anthony Warde

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Killer Kane secret zombie room

Part four
Trouble is... they escaped in one of Killer Kane's spaceships again. So when he returns to Earth - they try to shoot him down again. Unable to contact Saturn by radio, Buck Rogers and Prince Tallon head out to Saturn and try to break Kane's blockade with invisible rays.

Part five
One of Killer Kane's men stows away on the ship and gets into the hidden city. Then he opens the gates for a squadron of planes... All looks lost! Will Buck and Buddy save the day? And what about the zombies? Watch the stunning conclusion!

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