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Royal Wedding (1951) - B&W - 93 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Royal Wedding - with Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Keenan Wynn, and Peter Lawford. Tom and Ellen Bowen, an American brother and sister dancing act, goes to England for Queen Elizabeth's royal wedding. Fred dances up a storm in the room that turns upside down. Also features Fred's classic dance with a hat rack as a partner.

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Royal Wedding
Directed by - Stanley Donlan

(1951) - B&W - 93 min

Part one
Tom Bowen (Fred Astaire) and his sister Ellen (Jane Powell) do a song and dance number about the upcoming Royal Wedding of Queen Elizabeth.

Starring Fred Astaire and Jane Powell as Tom and Ellen Bowen - a brother/sister song and dance team

Peter Lawford as Lord John Brindale

Part two
Ellen has a few male suitors who start fighting over her. Tom and Ellen head off on a big cruise ship to England as Ellen's boyfriends wave good-bye. We also meet Lord John Brindale (Peter Lawford), who is a suave womanizer. Lord John tries his charms on Ellen.

Keenan Wynn as Edward and Irving Klinger

Part three
Okay - It's time to practice the routine and Tom is waiting for his sister in the gym. While he's waiting, he dances with a hat rack and the rest of the gym. (classic scene - inanimate objects seem to dance with Fred). Ellen sings a song and then Tom and Ellen perform for the passengers while the ship rocking in the waves. We also meet Anne Ashford (Sarah Churchill, Winston Churchill's daughter) an aspiring dancer trying out for the show.

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Royal Wedding
Directed by - Stanley Donlan

Starring - Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Keenan Wynn, Peter Lawford

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Jane Powell as Ellen Bowen

Part four
Lord John and Ellen head out to John's country estate. Meanwhile, Tom has dinner with Anne - and meets her father, a propriator of a saloon. Tom learns she is fond of a Yank, who lives in Chicago. But both Tom and Anne decide to see each other again - now that the pressure is off. Also a funny scene w/ Irving and Edward Klinger (both played by Keenan Wynn). Ellen sings another song as Tom plays the piano and Lord John hangs out with the Bowens.

Is that Lionel Ritchie? - no of course not! It's Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling and walls in a rotating room

Part five
Tom and Ellen both get stood up for the clambake at Klingers after the show. The show opens in London with a sassy song and number - a good for nothing liar. Lord John shows up for the opening and surprises Ellen. They go out for a walk and Ellen sings another song. Tom visits Anne's dad and learns her beau from Chicago never showed up.

With Sarah Churchill as Anne Ashford

Part six
Tom walks home and is thrilled his prospects with Anne have improved. Tom does an incredible scene in a room that is set up to rotate - allowing Fred Astaire to literally dance on the ceiling. A remarkable effect, especially considering the year (1951) - but the wizardry of Fred Astaire's dancing leaves you breathless. Tom learns that Anne's beau in Chicago got married. Tom performs another song and dance number for the show.

Part seven
What's going to happen to Lord John and Ellen? Will To get together with Anne or will they both leave town for the next show? And what about Queen Elizabeth? - Watch the conclusion and find out!

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